Monogamy to Polyamory: PIIT28 Review

Image via the PIIT28 website.

Having bragged about how buff my arms were in my previous health post I thought it was high time to give the product a full review.

I completed PIIT28 the first month back in April and I loved how it made me feel. I was getting compliments on my toned arms and I had officially gotten in the habit of working out hard five to six times a week. The program consists of two weeks of workouts that you repeat twice to complete the 28 day challenge. Each workout is around 28 minutes, hence the name. I will forever scream Cassey’s praises from the roof tops because she is so motivating, positive and strong but, there were a few cons to her at home fitness program.

One con to this program is the PIIT format. Pilates Intense Interval Training is Cassey’s take on HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). If you are not familiar with HIIT, it is what you are forced to do in hell. Cassey’s version consists of a seven minute workout where you repeat either a cardio (such as mountain climbers or JUMPING LUNGES) or Pilates (such as planks or ab work) for 45 seconds. 

You then take a 15 second break and move on to the next move, and repeat, until you have completed seven evil different moves. The downside to this system is that you repeat the seven minute workout four times to complete your workout.


Actual footage of me doing PIIT

It was torture. If you are using the videos on her PIIT website that means that you have to watch the same video four times to complete your workout. Her motivational quotes are amazing the first time through but, by the time I got the third week and was repeating the previous workouts, the quotes and commentary transformed from motivational to infuriating. WHY DID YOU NOT JUST MAKE A 28 MINUTE VIDEO FOR US CASSEY? Why are you still so happy? HOW ARE YOU NOT TIRED? I caught myself yelling at her for saying the same thing over and over again as I struggled…but maybe that’s just a me problem.

Another negative is the workout timer. After buying the complete work out program I still had to spend another $2.00 on a fitness timer on her app so I could track the workouts and stop yelling at her videos. This app was customizable with her workout moves and gave me the confidence to know that I was following the program’s instructions perfectly.  I know that was probably a good idea on the part of her company, and it worked on me. I caved, I bought the app, I joined the cult, I am not ashamed. One pro to buying the timer though is that I now have a customizable fitness timer for future interval workouts.



The last negative is a problem with all at-home workouts. Some of the moves were way beyond my ability levels as someone who had never intentionally set foot in a gym. I had no idea how to safely do some of the movements that were repeated in multiple workouts. I’m still not certain on jumping lunges. Jumping lunges are a move that should look exactly how they sound.

Unless you are me, then jumping lunges look like falling.

Cassey’s program forced me to spend at least 28 minutes a day on making myself stronger and I appreciate it for that. Her positive mentality has stuck with me as I continue on my fitness journey.

Will I be buying PIIT28 2.0???

Hell no, I’ll stick with the devil I know, thank you very much. While I have since moved on to other fitness methods and programs, I still pick a PIIT28 session to do around least once a week. (Truth be told I took a month off and missed yelling at her as I suffered). But, instead of being my main source of exercise, PIIT28 now supplements my running, other free Blogilates videos and yoga with Adrienne (a woman I will never leave).

Don’t worry – all this fitness hasn’t changed me, I ordered a pizza while writing this to counteract all the fitness I’ve been doing. #balance.

Let me know if you would like to hear more about my adventures in fitness or my love obsession of Yoga with Adrienne!

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