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Feminist is my favorite “f” word. While listening to Call Your Girlfriend (or CYG for cool ladies in the know), a feminist and powerful podcast that you should be listening to, I heard about Feminist Fight Club, an office survival manual (for a sexist workplace). From the name alone, I knew I needed this book. That day I pre-ordered my copy and anxiously awaited its arrival in September.  

Well ladies (and gents if you’re out there) my book got delayed and I didn’t get it until this last week, but it did not disappoint. I don’t want to give too much away so I am going to keep this brief.

I devoured the book in three days. Jessica Bennett is not only hilarious, but so relevant. She alludes to recent episodes of Broad City, amazing feminist podcasts like CYG and the queen herself, Hillary Clinton. Jessica manages to straddle the line between sharing horrifying facts, such as how overusing the word “sorry” will undermine your career, and comedy, exemplified through situations and puns. My personal favorite part of the book: “Penile Service Announcement,” or, “How to have a dick without being one.”

The women of FFC have already empowered me. Within 24 hours of beginning the book I asked for a raise (again) only to be denied (again), but I felt powerful while doing it. I am taking Jessica’s advice to heart. Being a woman in corporate America is more challenging than walking upstairs backwards in heels (something I actually had to do in my sorority girl days) and I am beyond thankful for women like Jessica who give us baby millennials a guide for navigating this chaos.


My new life manual located on my new UGG robe (basic and loving it).

My final words on the FFC — Please buy this book, please read this book, and then please contact me so we can go on and on about how enlightening, emotional, and empowering this feminist fight we are currently in can be. Next on my reading list:

Men Explain Things to Me (also mentioned in this fan-tabulous book).

Who else is joining the Feminist Fight Club? Are you ready to take down the patriarchy with me?

Also – see these: http://www.femalecollective.org/ and tell me which ones to buy? Thanks!


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