All The Basic Pumpkin Sh*t You Need To Run Out And Buy RIGHT NOW

Tis the season at Trader Joe’s!

In preparation for this post, I was in the middle of conducting important research (eating a piece of pizza), when I accidentally texted a picture of said pizza to a stranger instead of to myself.

(Yes, I am so lazy that I text pictures to myself instead of connecting my phone to my laptop with a cord.)

(And I will knock out the first comedian who says why don’t you just sync your photos on your iCloud AS IF it and my phone’s memory already isn’t full and I am not taking photos only in snapchat to work around that minor inconvenience.)

Anyway, as I was typing my OWN phone number into my phone with my right hand and shoveling food into my mouth with my left hand, I accidentally mistyped one digit. But I hit send before I could stop myself.

“Erged whrhafidrone?” I gasped, mouth full.

Then, I received this:


What followed was an emoticon filled conversation about how we two strangers both love pizza. Isn’t that lovely? Two people, unknown to each other in the big wide world, serendipitously bonding over a photo of delicious pizza. Really puts you in the holiday spirit!

So let’s start with the pizza that started it all:


Now, Trader Joes will have you believe that this item is actually a “Harvest Gorgonzola Tarte,” but this is just a fancy French phrase that translates to: thin crust pizza covered in cheese and fall vegetables. And it is amazing. Smooth, creamy, filling, and ready in ten minutes. The label will try to tell you that 1/2 of this pizza is a serving size, and that is obviously a dangerous lie, so ignore it.

The next must have item are the Pumpkin Spiced Pumpkin Seeds.


“But Kate!” You say, “Why would pumpkin seeds need additional pumpkin flavoring??”

Trust me kids. The added sugary spiciness on these seeds is so addictive. They are especially delightful in yogurt for breakfast, or just eat them on their own.

Next up is this wonderful magic coffee flavoring:


I suppose you can make this Pumpkin Spice Chai Latte Mix on its own as intended, but you would be missing out. Brew your morning cup of coffee, throw in a scoop (with the included scooper! such a bargain!), pour in your milk or cream, and stir. SO DELICIOUS. No need to line Starbucks’ pockets with your extra money, just sit at home and enjoy this delicious goodness.

Another seasonal beverage that I always buy extra of so I don’t run out during the year is the Pumpkin Spice Rooibos Tea.


This is such a great accompaniment to desserts at night when you don’t have a glass of wine to go along with your cookies or cakes. I will also drop one of these in a cup of coffee if I feel like drinking something different.

What would make a good nighttime dessert you ask?? These Pumpkin Biscottis!


These are my favorite biscotti EVER, pictured here, appropriately, next to one of my favorite books EVER. They are perfectly crunchy after being dipped in coffee, the flavor is a true, sweet pumpkin, and they really satisfy a craving for sweets without throwing me into a complete sugar coma — that’s what pie is for.

Finally, something to rub over your full, happy body after you eat all this goodness:


Pumpkin Body Butter! It’s made with coconut oil, shea butter, and pumpkin seed oil.

My boyfriend, who hates pumpkin, loves this smell. It is so creamy and thick without being greasy. I love putting it on right before bed and drifting off to sleep thinking about how I can’t wait to wake up and eat more pumpkin flavored items the next day.

Hurry out and buy these before TJs stops making them after the holiday season!

What are your favorite pumpkin items?

Have you ever found true pizza love over a mistakenly sent text???

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