Things We Think About While Meditating

We get it, meditating is actually good for you but sometimes it’s impossible to shut our brains off. Here are the thoughts we can’t silence while meditating.

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  • I’m hungry.
  • I should be thinking about breathing but I’m too stressed to think about anything but how stressed I am.
  • Breathe
  • I need to go to the grocery store. I don’t have anything to microwave for dinner tonight.
  • How do you breathe again?
  • Am I breathing enough? Too deeply? Is my stomach supposed to stick out like this when I’m breathing?
  • I can’t believe my co-worker tried to tell me to do her work today.
  • I know exactly what I will say to her tomorrow when she invariably tries to pull the same sh…breathe.
  • I should probably eat at least one vegetable per day. That will be my New Year’s Resolution. I will be healthy and fit and work out and meditate and drink juice full of vegetables.
  • OMG remember that embarrassing thing I said to my old roommate’s cousin when she came to visit during college? I feel so ashamed.
  • Breathing…does everyone breathe like this?
  • Does my asthma make my breathing weird?
  • Should I not do this because of my asthma? Is it safe?
  • My nose is running. Can I wipe it? Am I still meditating if I do that?
  • What are the pollen levels in this park/yoga studio/my bedroom?
  • What if I dwell too much on breathing and my body forgets how to do it naturally?
  • Wait what? It’s over?? I was just getting comfy!!

Is it obvious we have anxious minds? What are some of your meddlesome thoughts while meditating?


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