F***ing Fantabulous Present Ideas – Em’s Favorite Things (Harry Potter, Make Up, and MORE!)

The holidays are here and without wasting another moment of your precious online shopping time I am presenting you with my newest favorite effing things!


  • Dark Angels face and body cleanser from Lush.

    Telling Kate that this product is magic

I LOVE Lush. Lush is the Tiffany’s to my Holly Golightly. Nothing bad can happen in a place that creates natural beauty products, provides you with luscious bubbles and donates to important causes like the refugee crisis. Not only does Lush make you feel good about buying their products but the products also actually work like natural magic!

I have weird skin. Some people would call it combination, others would call it negligence because I “forget” to take off my makeup some nights. Dark Angels has fixed the pizza that was my face.

Honestly, Dark Angels looks weird when you open the pot. There are solid little chunks of the black product just sitting in there like small charcoal mountains, but it is so fun to use. You break off a pea sized portion, mix it with water and coat it all over your face. (I love a product that changes states, it’s fun AF).

After scrubbing the muddy black sugar and charcoal around you wipe it off and badda bing badda boom you have a new clear face! I started using this product on a Friday and had a giant pimple (I called her Ethel). By Sunday night the pimple was gone and the rest of my face looked almost as clear as the day I was born. If you have a little extra money for skin care this month or you know someone who needs a solution for their pizza face I highly recommend this product.

Buy it here – Dark Angels Facial Cleanser 3.5 oz by LUSH – and wave farewell to Ethel!

  • Tartelette In Bloom clay palette from Tarte.


THIS EYESHADOW PALETTE SMELLS LIKE CHOCOLATE. I repeat, CHOCOLATE. This is a perfect nude palette for the natural makeup lover in your life, or yourself. Tarte cosmetics are all cruelty free and natural. Often natural brands, specifically in eyeshadows, can lack staying power and color payoff but Tarte does not disappoint. There are 12 shadows going from a light pale pink to a dark brown and three shimmers. Perfect for day and night.

Bonus features: Not only does this palette have a gorgeous range of color but it also has a giant mirror, perfect for those in car eyeshadow applications on your way to events (as the passenger of course, DO NOT MAKEUP AND DRIVE). At the moment I’m a big fan of using Smarty Pants on my lid, Rebel in the crease with Rocker dusted over for a little shimmer. I am having the best time creating holiday party looks with this palette.

And did I mention, it smells delicious? Buy it here.


So if you live in a very cold climate you may want to skip this, but for this southern California girl tights are my go to winter leg covers. I hate wearing jeans and will do almost anything to avoid them and thankfully tights are currently killing it in my wardrobe. Tights are the perfect way to take a semi short, tight party dress to classy office casual. Not only do they keep your legs and toes warm but they also make you look like you put way more thought into your outfit. Lately I have been taking mini dresses or skirts I usually save for spring and summer and put tights on underneath them. Then I pop on a cute jacket, a beanie, and some grey or black booties and head out the door. Tights take an outfit from scandalous to posh and I love them dearly for it.

  • Black Dr. Martens.

Docs are classic. I firmly believe that everyone should own a pair of these. I went for the 1460 in Black Patent Lamper but I think there’s a style and color of docs for everyone. They even make vegan leather Docs now. Dr. Martens are the perfect shoes for any informal event, as long as it’s not super duper hot. DO NOT WEAR DOCS IN THE HEAT, YOU WILL REGRET IT.  

Docs go great with the outfit mentioned above, jeans and any dress you want to take from glam to punk. The rumors are true, Docs can suck to break in but once you have those babies molded to your feet it is so so worth it. They also keep your toes very very warm. I will never understand the people who wear Docs in summer, god bless their poor poor toes, but for the rest of the year they’re the perfect boot.

See more here.

Places and Activities

  • Harry Potter World in Universal Studios Los Angeles.

    Obligatory first day of school photo at Hogwarts

If you know a Harry Potter fan, live in California or Florida, and want to be said fan’s favorite person buy them a season pass to Universal Studios. In California, for a little over $100 you can get a season pass that allows you to visit the park almost any day. I literally only have 30ish blackout dates for the entire year.

I recently made my first visit to Harry Potter World and it was the best day of my life. Yes, I tried butterbeer (and it is delicious). Yes, I paid around $40 for a wand so I could DO MAGIC in the park. Yes, I almost cried in Ollivanders because the magic was so real. Yes, I bought a pygmy puff, and named him Jeffrey. And yes, I will be returning. This Ravenclaw loved her time in Harry Potter world and I know any other honorary Hogwarts student would too.

Click here to buy tickets and check blackout dates.

  • Adult Coloring books.

Remember the joy you got out of coloring as a child? Well, you can still experience that joy as an adult, even if you have zero artistic skills with adult coloring books. I love coloring! I have a couple different kinds of coloring books, some with meditative images, some with flowers and some with woodland creatures. A coloring book is an amazing present to give without breaking the bank. A quick amazon search of your interests followed by coloring book will suffice in finding you the perfect present. Throw some color pencils or markers in and put a bow on it and you’ve got yourself a thoughtful, but cheap, present.

Personally, I would love to receive the Release Your Anger with Swear Words, but the Stress Relieving Animal Designs are gorgeous. At only about 5 bucks each, why choose???

I hope this helps guide your holiday shopping whether it be for a loved one in your life or yourself. Let me know what you’re hoping to find in your stocking on Christmas morning and what your current favorites are! I’m expecting coal but I’ll keep you updated!

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