Kate’s Treat-Yo-Self-Mas Gift Guide: Presents for your body, face, and brain.

Let’s be real – you aren’t spending hours at work browsing holiday sales for your friends!

Below is a guide to the best stuff I have picked up this holiday season for the most important person on my list – Yours Truly.

And don’t feel selfish shopping for yourself this season – after the presidential election results, we all need some me-time to recover.


  • Holiday Themed Yoga Pants!

Do I need another pair of yoga pants? Of course not. Does that mean I could resist these Terez Fair Isle Performance leggings? Not a chance!

These are colorful, make me smile as I get ready to go to the gym, and get tons of compliments from strangers every time I wear them. I was suspicious that a novelty yoga legging might not be great quality, but so far these have held up nicely for three hot yoga classes – they don’t even show sweat!

Get them on sale here!

  • A Flattering, Comfy Sweater Dress For The Office And Going Outmonrow-dress

This dress is magical! As a petite person (I’m 5’2”), I normally don’t go for the midi style, but this dress is perfection. The dress is smooth until it hits your waist, where the so-soft material ruches flatteringly across your waist and hips. Because of the ruching, you can make the dress above the knee or midi by simply pulling the waist higher or lower. I love not having to spend money on alterations. And it is comfortably! The fabric is a wonderful lightweight that is perfect for layering but not flimsy.

Get the Monrow V-Neck Baseball Dress (on sale!) here.

  • Cute Undies


I have to confess I am not completely selfish. I bought this Calvin Klein gift set for my best friend for Christmas because it’s the perfect gift. It comes with a matching sports bra, undies, and hair ties. Nothing feels more luxurious than having a nice set of matching, comfortable underwear to lounge around in.

Get them here!


The included brushes are actually great quality too

I was a bit late to catch the girly train so I just started using eyeshadow and wearing perfume this year.

So my gift suggestions are impossible to screw up in even the most incompetent and clumsy hands!

  • Naked 3 Palette

There are a lot of strong opinions on the Naked 3 palette. Would I say it’s the perfect palette? How should I know? I just told you I’m basically an eye shadow idiot. But it is the perfect kit for the beginner. That’s because there is a range of gorgeous rose-based shades that you really can’t screw up by over- or under-applying, or by over- or under-blending.

All of the shades work together well, and even the sparkliest of them is still subdued enough to be work-appropriate.

Buy it here!

  • Atelier Cologne Necessaire Nomade III Set
    Smell me!!!!

    I always thought I hated perfume. Whenever I unfolded the scent pages in a magazine I always smelled the same thing – magazine pages and rubbing alcohol. I also had too many wrinkly nosed elevator encounters with people who bathed in their cheap drug scents. I figured I had an undiscerning nose and moved on.

But then I got a recommendation from a friend for Atelier Cologne. Yes, this product is designed for women even though the word cologne is in the name. The scents in this collection are inspired by travel and they are AMAZING!

They are pure perfumes, so the scents last forever, and they are so unique. This travel kit has so many five star reviews on Sephora.com.

I know I’m biased, but my favorite is Clementine California, a new scent for 2017 that smells exactly like California Clementines. What I love about these scents is they actually smell like delicious things I recognize – juicy fruits, vanilla, cinnamon – with none of the weird musky or alcohol magazine scents I so often smell in the perfume aisle in Sephora.

Get the value set here!


I love superficial nonsense as much as the next person, but in my mission for balance, I also spend some time trying to be an informed person who is not a total leach on society. In that vein…

  • A Subscription to the New York Times

    My scrumptious morning coffee and festive mini glitter tree from TJ’s.

Give your money to one of the publications Ivanka’s Dad hates most! They do excellent work and it is so important to support good journalism. I went with full online access plus Sunday delivery, because my morning routine (wake at ungodly hour -> gym ->work)  does not allow me to linger over an actual paper most mornings.

The promotional rate is an astonishing four dollars and something per week, so just sign up already. Subscribing to the Sunday edition has also had the lovely effect of making me wake up early on Sundays, eager to rush out and get the paper, and then curl up with it and a cup of coffee. So much more relaxing than mindlessly surfing the internet on the weekend.

  • Literature

    So amazing in every way.

One activity I have been enjoying near the end of this year is re-reading great books I have loved before. Great literature has something new to say every time you listen to it, and giving the gift of a good book is such a thoughtful gesture.

Oh, and by the way, if you have friends who do not think it is a thoughtful gesture, get new friends.

I am currently pouring over Portrait of a Lady by Henry James, and within the first 100 pages I have seen so much that speaks to me about our current political climate. Other recommendations: Anything by Kurt Vonnegut (Em seconds this opinion. Vonnegut is life).

  • Poetry

I will admit that not everyone likes to spend hours every week reading, a fact of life that has always puzzled me. A book of poetry is the perfect jolt of inspiration that can take as little or as long as you’d like.

Recommendations: For the uninitiated – Walt Whitman.

For anyone – Rupi Kaur.

For the discerning – Pierre Reverdy.

So there you have it friends!

What is the best thing you bought for yourself this holiday season when you were supposed to be shopping for others?

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