Shop ’til You Drop Without Breaking the Bank

Hi, my name is Emily and I am a shopping addict.

I tried to go on a shopping break from Christmas to mid February, but like all good resolutions I have already given up.


There is nothing, except food, that I love more than coming home to boxes of items I ordered. Online shopping is like Christmas, except that I’m guaranteed to like the gift because I chose it…the downside is I paid for it.


As a millennial with a shopping addiction and with a hefty student loan balance, I have learned to be frugal. Thanks to the internet I can fuel my addiction without going (completely) broke. Below are a few of the websites I use to not break the bank.


  1. Camel Camel Camel –  Like all good Americans I buy almost everything I need on Amazon. And why would I not? They literally have EVERYTHING. They have toilet paper, they have books, they have clothes, they sell these Dr Martens that I can’t stop wearing, they even sell these adorable af running shoes. Although Amazon is convenient they don’t always have the cheapest prices. That’s where Camel Camel Camel comes into play. This website allows you to type in the item you want, how much you want to spend on it or how much you want the price to drop. Then it emails you when the items price changes. It literally does ALL of the work for you. I set this for all of my favorite items, like everything on this list. 
  2. Ebates – This is my lifesaver. I love shopping on Steve Madden‘s website (new boots to blog about on the way), ASOS,  H&M and of course, my boo Amazon. With Ebates I get money back for shopping online. All you have to do is create an account, type in the name of the store you want to shop at in the search bar and click through the website to open your shopping trip. Once you’re on the website and shopping you are good to go to check out normally. Within 24 hours Ebates sends an email telling you how much money you got back by clicking through their website. They mail you a check quarterly and boom money in the bank.
  3. Rewards Programs – I am a proud card carrying member of CVS, Rite Aid, World Market,a local bagel shop and the Public Library. While the last one only saves me money in books on loan the other four help my wallet tremendously. If a store offers a free rewards program, DO IT. I was so lazy about this for so long because I’m an IDIOT but not anymore sister. There is nothing more satisfying than paying for my deodorant or post run gatorade with my CVS points. It is definitely worth the spam emails from their marketing campaigns.

Those are my top three discount/money saving sites and programs. I know, I know, I should just stop…but I can’t. Shopping brings me joy.
Let me know how you, my other shopping addicted friends, feed your addiction without going broke af.

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