Keeping Calm with CalmBox

On my journey to self-love and gratitude this month I decided to show myself a little self-love by trying Calm Box. Calm Box is a subscription box for peaceful moments.The box is supposed to cultivate tranquility and a sense of calm in my life.

Tranquility has arrived!

Calm Box comes packed with “mindfully curated items” and is $35 a month. I love that the website states that a portion of the proceeds go to charity (it’s much better than nothing) but I did not see a lot about what charities they supported. Regardless of how their company allocates their money I decided to investigate and see if the items alone were worth the price.

I CANNOT stop eating these.

Item One – YumEarth anti-oxifruits organic vitamin C drops

These are fucking amazing. Wow. The have so much flavor, are so delicious, and they are allergen free. These hard candies are perfect. They are free of tree nuts, peanuts, gluten, dairy, eggs, soy and high fructose corn syrup. On top of being safe to eat, they’re so delicious. They come in four fruity flavors that resemble pomegranate, strawberry, raspberry and a mixed fruit flavor. The pomegranate are my favorite. I would highly recommend YumEarth to anyone with food allergies. I’m going to try their licorice next!


Item Two – Cuccio Somatology Balancing Lotion

I had never heard of this brand but this lotion smells amazing. I think this lotion is for yoga studios or massages but I’m very excited to create a spa like environment in my own bathroom with this. The smell is very mild but it smells like rose, camomile and lavender. This lotion is extremely oily which makes it perfect for at home massages or dry skin.

Yogi tea gives me life!

Item Three – Yogi Relaxed Mind tea

I’m a HUGE Yogi tea fan. I love that every tea bag has a quote to promote gentle lifestyle.I could drink their ginger tea all day everyday. This tea is caffeine free and claims to promote tranquility. While this tea isn’t my favorite from Yogi, I do enjoy the boysenberry and sage combination. It brings me good vibes. I’ve been drinking this before bed and placebo effect or not it helps me sleep.

Yes, You will probably receive on of these from me if we ever meet in person.

Item Four – Yes, You Cards

These are cute little cards to hand out and make peoples’ days. While I think this is a very cute idea the odds of these spreading beyond my friend group and coworkers is slim. I might put them in a cute tray on my desk at work with a take one sign to brighten anyone who needs it day!

OBSESSED with this spray

Item Five – Cuccio Somatology Yoga Elixir in Lavender & Cardamom

Hands down, this is my favorite thing from the box. I have read a few articles and blog posts about the benefits of using a relaxing bedroom spray before bed and I was itching to try one.  I had looked online but was a little timid on purchasing one due to their prices. I’m thrilled that this spray came in the box. I would have never known about this brand on this scent. The spray smells like lavender, mild citrus and rosemary. It smell like my dream spa. The smell is not overwhelming and does not affect my asthma.  I’m fucking OBSESSED with this new spray.


Item Six – A String of Wishes Bracelet

This is a simple string with a Buddha head on it. The card it comes on says to tie it on and make a wish. I have yet to successfully tie it on my wrist but I’m sure a quick google search will help me.This is a super cute reminder to be patient with our wishes and goals, they do not happen overnight.  


The six items I received are adorable, practical and made me smile but I think this box was a one time present. I do not think this would be a box I would want to receive every month. It did expose me to some exciting new brands to try like YumEarth and Cuccio. This would make an excellent present for someone you know who is looking for a little peace in their chaotic life.
Have you ever tried a subscription service and if so, what was your favorite? Let me know if there is one you want me to review next!  

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