SPRING Your Closet into Spring: My New Favorite Shopping App

As I mentioned in, Don’t be a hoarder, DONATE, fast fashion is horrendous for people and the planet. Everyone should watch The True Cost for more terrifying but important information about the horrors of the fast fashion industry. The film is eye opening but scarring… it’s the Forks Over Knives of fast fashion.

But sometimes we all need a little retail therapy…

Closeup of woman holding shopping bags with copy space
Closeup of woman holding shopping bags with copy space

For me my consumer guilt is slashed in half  if I get a good deal on a high quality product. My conscience and wallet have decided it is better to spend more on one nice thing – but it is even better to spend very little while still getting a high quality product. That’s where Spring comes in.

Spring is an app I happened upon from a podcast add (Allison Rossen is Your New Bestfriend) and I am OBSESSED with it. Spring allows customers to select their favorite items from a bunch of different companies (including high end brands), buy the items directly through the app AND they pay for shipping!


Spring also lets its customers favorite items on the app and sends notifications when the prices drop. Spring keeps track of all of the huge sales without forcing me to read every spam email from all of my favorite brands.

Does this sound too good to be true?

Because I agree. I could not believe that an app would do this for me. The cynic in me can’t figure out what’s in it for them? But, I couldn’t pass the deals up…

So I took the risk for you and went on a mini shopping binge. I bought an array of items ranging from moderately fast fashion to high end. To date I have bought items from American Apparel (RIP but your former CEO was an asshole), Urban Outfitters, PacSun (I know it’s for children but they had super cute mom jean shorts), Free People, Sweaty Betty and Coach. I even bought some fun sweatpants for B, because why the hell not!

And, EVERYTHING FUCKING SHOWED UP. Like magic, I tell you. One week after ordering almost all of my beautiful items were in my greedy little clutches. Then, the inevitable of online shopping happened. Those aforementioned mom jean shorts that were cute AF were too big (I know, I know, I’m bragging because I work out- but dear reader remember I started here). I had to cut my losses, try to resell on Poshmark, or return them…so I looked into their return policy and the process was SO EASY. All I had to do was use the prepaid shipping label that came from PacSun with the shorts and bada bing bada boom two weeks later my refund and I went to Taco Bell.

I’m still not sure what’s in it for Spring, but I definitely know this app is for me!

Do you use any apps for online shopping and if so what are they? I never dreamed something this cool could exist.

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