Hitting Refresh

Lately, I’ve been experiencing professional and social burnout. I love my job and I adore my friends and family but I’m in desperate need of a looooong break. Why do adults not get summer vacation?

I’ve suffered from burnout since 1993

2017 has been EXHAUSTING and I, as a perfectionist with anxiety, needed to hit pause. I spent July re-calibrating and trying to refresh. I fell off my morning workout schedule (don’t worry I still worked out in the evenings, I just gave up on 6am for a bit), I ate out a bit more (don’t worry I haven’t gone back to my old Domino’s antics yet) and I stopped writing for my blog (did you miss me?). I dropped all of my non-work responsibilities and tried to eliminate my stressors. Unfortunately, it did not work. Quitting on my “me time” schedule just made things feel worse. So, I’m back.

When you do not have the PTO or a flexible schedule I guess the only option with burnout is to power through it. I experienced burnout of a similar time towards the end of my college career and I know that my little break from the activity I was burnt out on helped tremendously. By the time I graduated I was exhausted from the papers, readings and studying. I had quit reading for fun. I had gone from being a bibliophile to a bibliophobe. But after I graduated, stopped panicking and found a job I rediscovered my love of books.

Sometimes we need a break from the things we love, and when we can’t take that break we have to remember why we love what we do. I’ve started writing down what I’m thankful for each evening again and it has helped shift my mindset a bit. I’m getting back into meditation and I’m focusing on trying to figure out what excites me outside of my daily activities. I’ve been obsessively watching the Great British Baking Show on Netflix and I’ve decided to try baking (pita breads are first on the list). Adding a new hobby hopefully will help light the spark I need to get me out of this burnout.

sleeping puppy
Photo evidence of me “meditating” on how difficult life was circa 2011

All this being said my August goal is to meditate on everything I have accomplished this year, evaluate the goals I have set, and determine what I need to do to find my center. My goal of cultivating love and creativity this year has come so far and I refuse to let it fizzle out with this current bout of burnout.

Let me know what are some of your techniques for battling burnout in the comments below!

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