F Free February

Sober January move over, I’m ready for fuck free February. As an early birthday present to myself I bought Sarah Knight’s book The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck. Subsequently, I have dedicated the month of February to reducing the amount of fucks I give.

Knight translates the Marie Kondo concept of item minimalism into fucks given. It’s magical, life changing and really fun. She has the reader divide their fucks into four categories: things, work, people and family. Once the fucks are divided, Knight dictates that you, the reader, sit with them and write them all down. After they are written and concrete you determine how many fucks you can alot in your fuck budget and you let the rest go. It sounds so simple; I assure you it’s not. But it is the most blissful feeling to just let shit go.

Letting shit go is not only an amazing feeling but it’s also super important for mental health. It is impossible to always care what everyone thinks. Giving too many fucks is horrible for our brains..so I’m just not going to.

Carrie Fisher
My fuck free idol <3

Because of this I am working on letting as many fucks as possible go in February. In her book Knight provides guidelines for giving less fucks without being an asshole and I am taking them to heart this month. I’m saying goodbye to shame for saying no to an event I don’t want to attend, toodles to pointless conversations with mansplainers and see you never to after work happy hours.

I’m excited to see where this takes me. Hopefully I will find some free time to do more of the things I do give a fuck about like reading, writing, meditating and working out. Maybe with this extra free time I’ll finally learn how to double dutch but for now I’m just going to work on dropping the extra fucks.

If you know me, please keep me accountable and call me out if you see me giving too many fucks. If you want to participate in fuck free February feel free to join me, or not, I don’t really give a fuck.


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