Phase one of quitting being judgymcjudgerson was to stop holding everyone to ridiculous standards. While I’m definitely still in the early stages of my perfectionist recovery program, I’ve seen some progress and I am ready to move to the next step. Phase two of dropping my judgymcjudgerson tendencies is to practice an attitude of gratitude.

I began adding gratitude in my self-care routine early last year in an attempt to add more joy in my life. My chosen techniques then were to 1) start keeping a gratitude journal, 2) meditate every day and 3) practice yoga as a form of gratitude towards my body. I didn’t keep the gratitude journal going for very long but I managed to make a habit out of the yoga and meditation.

This time I’ve decided to try to incorporate my gratitude into my everyday interactions. While the gratitude journal helped me turn my own mental state around it did not prevent me from being a judgy human. So instead I’m making a daily conscious effort to look at every disagreement or annoyance through a lense of loving kindness. I’m going to practice non-reactivity by thinking things through from the other person’s perspective before responding. I’m going to apply the below Fox Kids PSA as a reminder to stop, breathe and count to three before reacting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VrDV5Pw5Ny

I know it sounds too simple but our kindergarten teachers might have been on to something.

Another way I’ve already began trying to cultivate this attitude of gratitude is by doing Alo Yoga’s Seven Days of Gratitude on Youtube. Alo is a yoga clothing brand that makes the comfiest yoga clothes and some of the best intermediate to advanced yoga videos on Youtube. The difficult videos force me to be humble about my practice and grateful for how much my practice has grown.

I’m starting April by being grateful for my life, my strength and mother earth (it is earth month after all). Let me know what you are grateful for in the comments below!

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