It’s me, Mario!

I’ve got a Mario problem!

If you know me in everyday life, you know I kind of suck at video games. It is why my previous obsession with Pokemon Lets Go Eevee! was mildly shocking. Prior to my Pokemon obsession, I can honestly say my biggest gaming accomplishments were:

  1. The Sims
  2. Dream Dollhouse (if you know, you know)
  3. Pokemon Stadium on the N64 but only the mini-games
  4. Reader Rabbit 2nd Grade

Now that we have confirmed my professional status let me tell you about my newest obsession, Super Mario Party for the Nintendo Switch. As you may have noticed from the list above I was never a huge fan of the original Mario Party; because of this chosen ignorance I had wildly low expectations of Super Mario Party. I honestly thought it would be another game where Brenton carried the team while I sat there trying to figure out why my controller “doesn’t work” (a phrase I use willy nilly when things don’t seem to be going my way). Luckily, I was wrong. I LOVE this game. Here’s why:

  1. The premise is adorable. The story begins with Mario, his brother Luigi (I think they are plumbers) and all their animal and human friends fighting over who is best at the game. The equally adorable bad guys show up (Bowser Jr looks like the cutest brat you have ever met). From there the game gives you a quick overview of how things work for Mario and his friends. You select which cute creature or human you want to be, select a difficulty level and then you pick the realm you want to be in (aesthetics based). After you pick, they plop your little characters on a board and your character literally rolls a dice to get around the board. Cute, right?
  2. Mario, Luigi and their cute little friends let you play as a team. What I loved about games as a child, specifically games on consoles, was that I got to spend time with my brother while playing them. By allowing team play the game is preventing family fights and break ups worldwide. I honestly would not play if I had to play against Brenton, but communicating and working together on the same team is a fantastic way to spend the hour between dinner and bedtime.
  3. According to my research (aka yelling to ask Brenton if this is true) Mario Party has always been a turn style game. I enjoy that the game is set up like an electric board game, since I have slow gaming reflexes and hate games where I have to be super reactive to being attacked. Life is stressful enough, I don’t need big ole Bowser coming at me when it’s not his turn.
  4. Mini-games! I love minigames, see Pokemon Stadium line item above. In Mario Party mini-games occur after each team moves on the board. Mini-games are different each round and we have yet to play the same one twice. They can be anything from shaking your controller in a circle to row a boat to identifying the right pictures.  It’s honestly the only thing I am good at on most games since it involves less skill and more chaotic energy (thanks Aries rising).

My only con was that they really did Princess Peach dirty. The poor femme fatale of most mario games was set up to fail even when the computer played as her. We played a round of the game on the “Normal” difficulty level and the computer just kept getting her squashed with a wall. The poor princess never stood a chance.

Let me know in the comments if you have a favorite game!

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  1. Honestly whenever I get stressed out and want to reclaim my childhood nostalgia, I play a Nancy Drew Mystery. They make it so easy, to download and play, it makes me cherish the decade we live in. The games honestly stand up as well as they did when I was a prepubescent. Loved your post.

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