VLOGMAS IN JULY & Announcement

2020 has and will continue to be A LOT. Social distance summer is in full swing and I think we could all use a little holiday cheer – so happy VLOGMAS!

For a lot of us quarantine has been a chance to sit with ourselves (whether we wanted to or not), get to know ourselves and do some deep self reflection. 

I live for this ISH. I love self help, self discovery, self evaluation – it’s why I became a coach. I’m also REALLY good at it. 

I used this time at home to get my dream of being an entrepreneur off the ground. And now that I’ve done that I want to help YOU turn whatever dreams you’ve been pondering into reality. 

WHy Vlogmas?

So, why Vlogmas in July? Christmas is a holiday all about normalizing WANTS. We make Christmas lists, we ask for thing we want, we give people things they want AND it feel natural because its expected. 

On Vlogmas in July Day (7/25) I will be launching my brand new program, “But Really Tho: What do you want?” The purpose of the program is to figure out what you want, how to get it AND how to get back up when you fall…because regardless of what you want to do- at some point you will fall. 

The Program

This program is how I went from working in corporate HR to working for myself. You don’t have to want to be an entrepreneur for the program to work for you. Regardless of what you want or how clear you are on how to get there YOU WILL GET RESULTS. 

By the end of the 7 lessons in the program you will be ready to conquer your goal of finding a job that fulfills you, running a marathon or starting a business. If you can dream it you can use the program to make it happen. 

This program is a game changer. It’s how I went from being wishy washy on how I wanted to show up in the world and helped me get my ish together – because as we all know – no one is perfect! 


The best part is that you can use the structure of the program again, and again, and again. It’s a gift that keeps giving which is why I want to give it all to you for Vlogmas! 

If you want early access to the program at a discounted price sign up for my email list (form to sign up linked below) before Vlogmas day. 

So, start thinking (and the program will help you work through it), what do you want?

What Do You Want for Vlogmas?

A HUGE part of this program is normalizing wants.  

The other reason why I decided on 25 days of holiday cheer straight from quarantine is because I want you to TRUST me before embarking on this program. I want you to know that I will show up for you and I want you to show up for yourself. 

So, tomorrow is the first real vlog of vlogmas – are you ready to jump in? I am SO excited! See you tomorrow my loves! 

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