Vlogmas in July Recap

ICYMI Vlogmas in July has officially wrapped up. We will be returning back to our regularly scheduled content schedule BUT before we do – let’s take a jaunt down Vlogmas in July memory lane. 


I decided to do Vlogmas in July to celebrate my accomplishments. I decided to do it to anchor in my success and excitement around finishing and launching my new program “What Do YOU Want?”. I did it because I wanted to add holiday cheer to this dismal year. But, my number one reason for doing it was to see if I could. 

I was a bit worried I wouldn’t be able to do it. I wasn’t sure how it would feel showing up for myself and all of you every single day. I was scared shitless. 

Honestly, I almost didn’t do it all. 

Why? My “What If” monster got in my head

If you haven’t jumped into WDYW you might not know the “What If” monster – he’s a real asshole. He feeds off our fears, he devours our anxiety and he is always down for a snack. 

At the end of June the following thoughts popped up: 

What if I miss a day?

What if no one watches? 

What if I fail? 

So, I either had to stop feeding my “What If” monster OR quit before I even started. To quiet my fears I changed my “What If” into “If” and answered the question. 

If I missed a day – I would make it up the next day or just skip it or move on – but I wasn’t going to miss a day because I ENJOYED doing this. 

If no one watched – who cares! I was doing this for me. It was a way to anchor in a very exciting experience – but of course, people watched. 

If I failed – how? How could I fail? The only way to fail would be to not even do it. My only requirement was to show up everyday. 

And, I did it. I showed up – I posted a video – every single day

I showed up because I wanted to prove to myself that I could do this. I showed up because I wanted to build a better connection with all of you. I showed up because I was doing something I loved and it was fun! 

The journey to get here was fun. The filming was fun. Honestly, I even began to enjoy editing. I HAD FUN. 

And I learned a lot. 

I learned that I could be nicer to myself. I learned that I could trust myself more. I learned that I did not need to show up perfectly to show up. 

I grew a lot. 

I grew my business. 

I grew my audience. 

I grew my skills 

I grew as a coach. 

And my clients, they grew with me. The more I learned the more I could share. 

If you’re ready to commit to you. If you are ready to make major change. If you are ready to jump all in on you, your wants and living a fulfilling and exciting life – just jump. I’ll even hold your hand. 

BRT: What Do You Want is self-paced and comes with three options:

Self-paced workbook & worksheets (link to buy here)

Self-paced workbook &worksheets with access to a private Youtube playlist of the lessons (perfect for my auditory learners) (link to buy here)

Self-paced workbook & worksheets with Youtube playlist access & an additional 1x1x coaching session (Link to buy here

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