Finding (A Little) Motivation

Need a little Monday Motivation? I know I do. Lately I have been feeling the residual burnout of endless weeks in quarantine – and I know I’m not alone in that. 

I personally have not been keeping track of the days I’ve spent in my apartment but I know many who have. Instead of counting days, I’m counting blog posts and projects. And after looking through everything I’ve accomplished I think it’s time to tap into some of the juicy topics we glossed over. Want to deep dive with me? Follow along on Instagram @btrlytho. Not the Instagram type? Here’s my plan for the week: 

Monday: A NEW email should be hitting your inbox my sweet sweet friends! The announcement inside is juicy and includes my second favorite four letter word…SALE! We are giving something new a try and I can’t wait to hear what you all think! *Not on the email list? You can view the email AND sign up for future emails here.

Tuesday: Let’s get rowdy and revisit why I, as your career coach and confidant, will never tell you to “be more professional” and will provide you with helpful advice instead.

Wednesday: Have you read the email yet? GO DO IT NOW! If you have, you’ll know what I’m putting my self paced program “What Do YOU Want” on a flash sale through the end of the month. WDYW is designed to give you clarity on what you want, a path to get there and the confidence to make it happen (without ALL the toxic positivity b*llsh*t). Want to know why I created this 7 week life makeover? Visit its origin story here.

Thursday: Ready for some motivation to do the mindset work? Last week I posted a video about my journey to imperfection – let’s revisit an older post while we are at it. Perfectionism is a beast! Ready to kick it to the curb? And once you’ve read that feel free to jump into my full journey with perfectionism.

Friday: Lack of clarity keeping you immobile? Let’s get you moving! It’s ok to not know what you are doing but try anyway! And when you need help getting that plan in place reach out! 

Saturday: And let’s round out of week of motivation with a little self care Saturday reminder that YOU ARE NOT YOUR JOB. Need to dig in deeper on this subject? My Patreon is here for you! Jump into this low cost option to dig in deeper on your relationship with work. 

As always, your accounabilibuddy is here – ready to help you kick butt and create a life that fulfills you. Let’s make your job work for you! Sign up for a free discovery call here!

Love you all & can’t wait to kick butt with you this week. See you over on Instagram! @btrlytho

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