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I’m so grateful for all of you! I’m definitely going into Thanksgiving with a little extra gratitude in my heart this year. 

I’m assuming I am not alone in saying that this year did not go the way I planned it. Things were shaken up in ways I couldn’t have possibly imagined – it was absolutely terrifying and absolutely thrilling. 

Although starting a business during a pandemic hasn’t been the easiest thing I’ve done – it’s quickly become the most rewarding. I made a commitment to myself this year. Major choices and changes were made and I’m so grateful for all the love and support I’ve received through this process. My change management skills have never been more crucial and due to that they have also never been more honed in than they are right now. Which is why I want to help you jumpstart change before we go into 2021. 

Agent of Change 

Lasting change does not usually happen over night (need proof? Watch my new video over on my Youtube about building a new morning & bedtime routine). It takes time, effort, consistency and a lot of flexibility. As a coach, my job is to help you create lasting and fulfilling change in your life. My goal is to keep you motivated, moving and always adapting. While we chase our goals we get to ask the big questions, address our bigger feelings or reactions and get to know ourselves through the process. And I’m privileged enough to get to help guide you through it. 

To thank you all for a magical year of growth and change I’ve got a gift for all of you!  

One final, end of the year, complete and total SALE over on my Etsy. Everything (yes, even 1:1 coaching sessions) is 20% off!

If you have been hesitating on coaching now is a great time to start. Take that first step and make a small investment in you. Need help deciding where to start? Here’s a little breakdown of what’s on sale. 

Recent Graduate Session:

CONGRATS to the grads! Now you must embark on your career journey. So, what do you want to do?

This 1×1 coaching session is a perfect gift for soon to be or recent grads. We will go over career options, how to know if a job is right for you, salary negotiations, how to build a career path & more.

It also comes with a downloadable copy of my “But Really Tho: What do YOU want?” program worksheets.

Triggered AF:

Triggered AF! Lately social media has been triggering me. I’ve started comparing myself to everyone else online and silently judging myself or them for what I have (or don’t have). In this lesson I’m teaching you how I turned my social media triggers into opportunities for growth.

This program is a 30 minute virtual 1×1 that will help you identify your triggers, honor the emotions they bring up and turn your triggers into opportunities for growth. The framework is laid out for you – all you have to do is show up.

Life or Career Coaching:

A 1×1 90 minute coaching session. We can focus on life, career, or major changes. Some options below:

1 Time Brainstorming Session: Need a nudge? Someone to hold your hand while you jump? Let’s brainstorm your dream career – your dream life with this 90 minute session!

1 Time Planning Meeting: Know what you want but struggling to get it? Let’s make a plan! In this 90 minute chat we will make a plan, set it in motion and build up your courage to jump all in on your dreams!

Career Coaching 7 Session Program:

You CAN leave a job you don’t like! Let’s make a plan. This option includes 7 1×1 sessions and a complete career makeover! Our focus will be building your career confidence. This program also includes: resume editing, interview tips, LinkedIn tips, negotiating a higher salary and more. 


Let’s get guided by gratitude! This 30 minute virtual 1×1 session is designed to help you build a gratitude practice.

Included in this bundle:

30 minute 1×1 call over zoom

PDF download of gratitude journal prompts to help you get started on your gratitude journey


This 7 lesson program is designed to help you identify what you want, make a plan to get it and pick yourself back up when you fall. It’s a 28 page guide with 7 additional worksheets designed to help you through the process.

This program can help you change your career, plan to run your first marathon or master your dream of writing a novel. Regardless of your goals this program is designed to motivate you to take control of your life.

I’ll be featuring these over on instagram this week @btrlytho 

Can’t decide? Sign up for a discovery call and we can pick together. 


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