Christmas Magic: Santa Letter

Every year I write a letter to Santa and give it to my mother to deliver (she knows the big guy because she’s a pretty cool lady). You can mock it all you want but I think it’s a really fun way to get into the holiday spirit and share what I want with her. Over the years it has transitioned from a multipage handwritten letter with items listed from the JCPenney’s holiday catalogue (item numbers and page numbers included so the Elves could find the item to get inspiration) to a google doc with links.

While the format may have changed the sentiment is still the same. This letter is a chance for me to reflect on the year I’ve had, celebrate my victories and make my mom laugh. If you do not already do this I highly recommend bringing the magic back into Christmas by writing a Santa letter. Need some inspo? I’ve included my letter (items redacted) for your to peruse to get your creative juices flowing.

Let’s jump in!

Dear Santa, 

It’s me. Emily. Sr. Elf & unpaid North Pole intern (you are lucky you aren’t operating in the US or else that would be a CRIME). Usually I start this letter with some cute update about my life over the last year but to be honest time doesn’t matter anymore. So, in case you missed it here’s a short list of what I’ve done: 

  • Negotiated the highest salary I’ve ever had & then was promptly furloughed & let go. 
  • Started a business during a pandemic.
  • Reread the Harry Potter series 3-4 times. 
  • Was published TWICE by an online magazine that refuses to pay writers & did not respond to my request to become one of their paid authors (I don’t think they pay anyone & they just lie about potentially paying people to pull in free content – might want to add them to the naughty list). 
  • Started a Youtube channel & gave a lot of FREE content out to people because it makes me happy. 
  • Took a couple online business coach trainings only to realize that I hate being told what to do & the business coaching world is full of people who make money by telling people that they didn’t start making a lot of money until they became a business coach (another suggestion for the naughty list – sneaky liars). 
  • I wrote a BUNCH of blog posts & talked sh*t about pyramid schemes & MLMs (you are welcome) 

And a LOT more but like I said..I can’t recall when or what because time is a complete joke at this point. 

Every year I’ve asked for world peace & you have yet to deliver because humanity sucks. This year I would ask for a new president & for the end of COVID/ for science to matter but if we are working off world peace precedent I suppose it’s not worth the effort. After all you are Santa but you are not a miracle worker.

*insert list of items here. (My list included roller skates and wrist guards so that we don’t take a trip to the ER this Christmas)*

That’s all I can think of for now but as we all know the best gift is spending time with those you love! While I won’t get to hang out with you at Christmas Santa just know that I am thinking of you & wildly envious on how easy it would be to handle a pandemic in the North Pole considering you are all already quarantined together (but also could be an awful situation if just one elf got Covid…I hope you’re all alive & well).

Wear a mask, wash your hands & if you can’t figure out what to buy me think of Granny’s request every time we went to the grocery store for her “If you see something & think of me then get it!”



There you have it – a little holiday inspo for you. Writing this list is an act of self love, it’s a way to show compassion and love to my mother and it’s just fun! Now go make your parents, aunts, friends or significant other’s day by sending them a Santa letter.

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