28 Things I’ve Learned in 28 Years

In honor of my birthday I’m sharing 28 things I’ve learned in my 28 years. These are the life lessons that have stood out to me recently but I’m sure there are many more! Some of these may be a bit cliche, others feel obvious & all of them are lessons I’ve had to learn MULTIPLE times.

**Disclaimer: I don’t have it all figured out but I do like the direction I’m headed in. What works for me may not work for you & that’s ok. Take what you like & leave what you don’t.

28 Things I’ve Learned  

  1. Things are rarely black & white. Apply nuance & ask questions when you don’t get something.
  2. Confidence is a learned skill.
  3. Anyone else’s opinion of your body is completely irrelevant to your life.
  4. Carbs are essential to make your brain work (I’m not a doctor but this is true for me & my body)
  5. Be silly when you can. Be serious when you need to be. Don’t be excessively serious when you don’t need to be it’s exhausting, unnecessary & it makes you boring.
  6. You are significantly smarter than you think you are. Act like it.
  7. When a white man interrupts you glare at him.
  8. Self-trust is key. Learn to trust yourself to build your self-love & self-confidence.
  9. Your most important relationship is with you. Do things that align with who you are & who you want to be.
  10. You will f*ck up at some point. The harder you try to avoid mistakes the more they will hurt when it happens. Expect them.
  11. When you do f*ck up take ownership, apologize swiftly & once you’ve done all you can do about it let it go (I know this is hard!!)
  12. Stop taking jobs your don’t like or convincing yourself that you have to pick a career path. (Unless you need the money – then take any job & always keep an eye out for a better one)
  13. You owe your boss & employer nothing. Stop staying loyal to workplaces that won’t/don’t elevate you.
  14. Your grades in college matter so much less than you think. Do your best & stop stressing.
  15. People who refuse to laugh at themselves aren’t worth your time.
  16. Toxic positivity is a waste of time & exhausting. Learn to spot the different between optimism & too good to be true & call out the bs.
  17. You do you! Find a schedule that works for you & let go of any limiting beliefs around how successful you can be because of your schedule. On that note – just stop judging yourself entirely. Being self-reflective can be good but being excessively self-critical is just mean & immobilizing.
  18. Your goals are for you. Don’t customize your goals to meet the needs of anyone else.
  19. It’s ok to sometimes put your significant other before your friends if said significant other treats you with respect. The friends who say otherwise tend to be toxic or do not want the best for you.
  20. Puppies are cute but rescue dogs are better.
  21. It’s ok to ask for a minute to process when receiving new information. You don’t have to immediately have an opinion on everything – you’re human!
  22. You cannot be perfect. You will not perfect. Start letting go of perfectionism right now. It hurts your relationship with yourself & with others.
  23. You’re allowed to change your mind. Change your beliefs if they don’t sit right.
  24. Disagreeing with someone does not always make you or them a bad person.
  25. Not being able to focus isn’t always a lack of dedication. Pay attention to when it pops up & deep dive into the why (sometimes it’s a lack of interest & that’s ok).
  26. You don’t have to be just one thing when you grow up!
  27. REST IS REQUIRED FOR SUCCESS. Sleep more you sleepy human.
  28. Remember your struggle & don’t gloss over how hard it was to get to where you are now. You’re a badass for getting here. But also check your privilege. Your struggle doesn’t get to overshadow anyone else’s. There isn’t a competition. 

There you have it – 28 things I’ve learned in 28 years. Some days I feel like I’ve always known all of this and other days I reflect on how much work it took to get here. It’s ok to not have it all figured out, it’s ok to change & grow & honestly I hope I continue to change & grow daily. 

Want me to expand on any of these? Leave a comment & let me know. 

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