Interview Top Tips

Interview tips are on the brain this week. Today I’m straying from my more blog style posts and we are venturing into an area where I am a subject matter expert- HR and interviews.

These are my top tips to help you crush an interview! Before we jump in here’s a reminder that interviews are awkward, they can be frustrating, nerve wracking and it’s a super awkward conversation style. Be nice to yourself while you prep and after the interview. Also, these are generic tips depending on what you are interviewing for these may or may not apply so use your own discretion – if you want to get more specific reach out for a free discovery call!

Ready? Let’s do it!

  1. Interview Confidence by Setting Expectations 
    1. Look good, feel good. Wear something a tad bit dressier then the normal day to day outfit for employees at the company (unless instructed otherwise). If your interview is with a recruiter or recruiting coordinator here is a reminder that they may not have any idea what your role actually does (especially if it’s a technical role). 
  2. Research the Company
    1. Do your research!!!  Go to the company website, go to the About page & find their mission, vision or values. Pick one (preferably the one that resonates with you the most) and find ways to incorporate it in your answers. 
    2. Prepare an answer for a “so why do you want to work at x company” (it’s an annoying question). My best advice on this is to incorporate a bit about the mission, vision or values into your answer to connect yours to the role. 
  3. Prep Your Answers 
    1. Google is your bff. Google common questions for interviews in your career path. Once you’ve looked them over practice by preparing answers for those questions. Prioritize creating examples for any “tell me about a time” question you see or can think of. 
  4. Pocket Questions 
    1. Create a list of questions to ask the interviewer. If you are interviewing with a recruiter be aware that they MAY not have technical answers about day to day work in the role but feel free to ask anyway; it shows them that you are interested. Try to be cognizant to not ask questions that they already answered during the interview process but you can use those opportunities to ask for more clarification. 
    2. Example: What’s one thing about working at x company that you wish someone had told you when you were interviewing? What does the day to day work look like in this role?  
  5. Know your worth 
    1. When you walk into an interview have a price in mind. Some screening interviews will ask about your requested income level and some will not. Be prepared with an ideal salary in mind. I recommend using multiple sources to pick your range. Glassdoor tends to run high (imo), Payscale tends to be pretty accurate and also houses potential pay data. Only you know your experience and what you can bring to the role. 
    2. I personally like to use a range for this style of questions and say that I am open to reviewing it based on the benefits package. You can also ask what their budget is for the role to see what range they are playing in. 

There you have it! I hope these tips help! Please leave me a comment if you have any questions or you want to share interview tips with others. Remember that this is generic advice and you will need to adjust it depending on the type of role and industry.

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