Snow Storm in Spring- Reflection on a Strange Year

Let’s practice a little reflection about the last year. Why? Well, my current mental state is somewhere in between sleepy from daylight savings, a pandemic anniversary (not really an exciting anniversary now is it?), never ending sheltering in place (because I have severe asthma and am doing my best to not get anyone else sick either) and a glimmer of hope that I may get vaccinated in a month or so. This creates a unique atmosphere that exists somewhere in between waiting for the next big thing (vaccines) and trying to stay present for day to day activities while my brain feels like it’s gone mushy or been covered with snow. 

I thought it would be helpful to break up the monotony of the day to day routines and to process the events that have transpired since we began our voluntary lock down in March of 2020. A little pandemic annual review for myself and what I’ve learned over the last year. Let’s go on a journey about growth, rebirth, change and the resilient nature of us all over the last year. 

Rewind to March 2020 

Revisiting my planner and journal from early 2020 is lowkey hilarious. I had a PLAN and it was a good plan. My goals were to build my savings, start my coaching business, create a coaching program and grow my social media content to build my business. I was going to do all of that while staying at my full-time job in HR. 

In my head this plan was pretty, it involved me having time to get everything done, there was hard work associated with it and it also gave me motivation because if things went well I was going to quit my job in December of 2020 to become a Life & Career Coach full time. Cute, right? 

Building a Plan in the Storm 

Then the pandemic hit – a metaphorical snow storm in the middle of my spring of steady business building. Furloughs were announced and I went from having a solid plan to having to innovate in the moment. Being furloughed was the weirdest part of 2020. I was of two minds the entire time – part of me wanted to go back, make money, keep working towards my ideal plan for 2020 but the other part of me saw this as an opportunity to plant new seeds for my life. As I sat in career limbo I began to solidify a plan where I didn’t go back to HR and that started to look really good. 

I’m so grateful that I looked at a snowstorm of chaos and tapped into what I could control. I planted as many seeds as I could for my business. My ideal plan was shattered when I was let go because my role was not essential (employee engagement isn’t necessary when you don’t have employees). I know this moment could have shattered me, it could have held me back or made me panic but because I had planted those seeds and made a plan I was actually kind of excited. This left me free to pursue my new plan and help others do the same. In this moment “But Really Tho What Do You Want?” was born. 

But Really Tho What Do YOU Want? 

WDYW is my first program, it’s all about planting the seeds, identifying what we want and reworking our plan when things go sideways. It’s now available as an eBook on Amazon and over on my Etsy. WDYW is about accepting the ups and downs of life and still working on your plan for your garden even when it’s under 2 feet of snow. 

WDYW was my launching pad for my coaching business. From that moment onward I built out my sessions, my 1:1 offerings, my confidence building program (coming soon!) and my social media content. 

In summary, I’m grateful for the perspective I’ve picked up over the last year. I love that I am able to zoom out and see the big picture and the importance this pivot had in my life. I’m proud of myself for being able to look at chaos, identify what I can control and let go of the rest. I am wildly grateful for every single client I have had the privilege of working with so far. And most importantly, I’m proud of the garden that I was able to plant during the storm. I refused to let idealism keep me trapped. I was able to adapt and I am helping others learn to plan their gardens – even when all they see is the snow. 

Want to work with me? Schedule your free coaching discovery call here or purchase WDYW here. 

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