Confidence Journal: 35 Days To A More Confident You

“Confidence is like a muscle, we all have it, we all can build it. For some of us the confidence muscles will build easily and for others it will take a little more work – life is unfair like that sometimes.” – An excerpt from my Confidence Building Journal

I am elated to present to you my newest creation, a confidence building journal titled “Confidence Building Journal: 35 Days to a More Confident You”. This journal is available as a Kindle eBook or a paperback journal. 

Use this journal to build your confidence by defining confidence for yourself, identifying what embodying confidence looks like for you and by helping you build a steady journaling practice. The prompts are there to guide you through the journey but the route is customized by you. 

I created this journal partially out of spite (you can learn a bit more about where the idea to self-publish it came from in the video below) but my true motivator was to make coaching more accessible to more people. 

As someone who has benefitted from 1:1 coaching I know how hard it can be to find the time and money to actually invest in this so I wanted to create a stepping stone to 1:1 coaching. This program is not a replacement for customized care but it is an excellent tool to get you on your way to a more confident place! 

I focused this journal on confidence because confidence is key in our careers, day to day lives and relationships. It is important to me that people feel empowered by their daily decisions and have the strength to speak up when it matters. 

That being said I hope you enjoy the journal and I cannot wait to hear about your confidence journey! You can purchase the journal here.

And if you want to use the journal to jumpstart your 1:1 coaching schedule your discovery call here. All monthly coaching members can receive the journal free of charge with a paid monthly membership

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