So…Tell Me What You Want?

Let’s kick confusion to the curb and identify what you really want to do!

I don’t have to tell you that the last year has been a lot. Human’s in general are not huge fans of change, especially change we cannot control, and 2020 was nothing if not chaos. Now a new change sits in front of all of us. As vaccinations roll out we have to unpack the chaos that came up over the last year, take a long look at who we are now and how we fit into the world. This change can feel daunting and isolating if we go at it alone, which is why I’m excited to announce a new iteration of my program “But Really Tho What Do YOU Want?

Really Tho What Do YOU Want provides clarity, simplicity, structure and motivation to get to your goals. This self-paced program is getting a makeover – we are turning it into a 7 week masterclass designed to help you stay accountable to your goals. Masterclass will include weekly Zoom calls (recorded and emailed out for anyone who misses a call), live Q&A for each section of the program, a PDF copy of the WDYW ebook and discounts for any future 1:1 sessions!

So, are you ready to embrace change and make it manageable for you? Let’s start clearing up the confusion around what you want to do with your life! In this 7 week masterclass we will be checking in with YOU, what YOU want and how YOU want to get there! The masterclass starts 7/8/2021 and you can book your spot at the pre-sale price here!

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