Languishing & Flow

Languishing is the term of the year! In case you missed the NYT article about languishing I’ll give you a brief definition. Languishing or languish is the term we are using to describe the listless, distant and uncomfortably numb feeling that has been prominent throughout the pandemic. Languishing is a feeling of “blah” and according to psychologists a great way to combat this feeling is to practice mindfulness or try to tap into a state of flow. 

As a big fan of meditation I realize that it is not always an ideal tool to motivate me (motivating myself to sit still and quiet is difficult) so I want to share with you all some of the ways I’m tapping into PLAY in an attempt to find flow!

languishing and flow
Another way to practice flow is to sit down and journal! Here is a prompt to get you started.

Flow is the state where we are in the ZONE. Think about the times you’ve been so enthralled in what you are doing you’ve lost track of time – that’s flow. Apparently out friend flow can help us get out of a state of languishing. To help you on your journey to flow I’m linking a blog post all about play – use it to identify ways you can keep yourself mentally healthy and happy. I’ll include a photo below of how I tap into flow through play! 

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Let’s talk about ease to combat languish!

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