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I’m Adding a Ghostwriting or Co-Author Service to my Business!

I’ve added a new offer to my Fiverr – ghostwriting services for any short ebook, journal or coaching program.⁠ In this post I’m going to break down what that means and how you can employ my services as a small business owner, coach or individual looking for help with a non-fiction text!

Ghostwriting services
Ready to go from idea to action? I’m here to help!

Why Ghostwriting?

After publishing both of my ebooks, I was met with a plethora of requests from other coaches to help them turn their ideas into ebooks or create journal prompts that align with their programs. This made me realize that many coaches are excellent orators and teachers but when it comes to writing they lack the confidence or time make it happen. As someone who is comfortable behind the keyboard, I’m excited to be able to provide a service for others to build their eBooks. Helping other people share their knowledge and gifts with their clients brings me immense joy!

With this offer I help coaches, small businesses or individuals write their PDF download, eBook or create journal prompts.

To do this I first require clients to share their subject matter with me. At this step we also select a book length so we can determine the price. After a price has been agreed upon, I will request a written idea or outline to build the ebook or program. After I have the subject and length I will request the tone and either a writing sample or an example of the tone they are looking for (this can be anything from an instagram story to a voice-note from the author about the subject). From there I create the copy for them and provide an opportunity for feedback and edits. My clients have full control over distribution and they can begin selling it to their clients or sharing it with their audience once the final payment has been received.

In other words I take you from idea to ebook leaving you free to do the things you enjoy and excel at!

Why Should You Hire Someone to Help You Write

You can absolutely write an ebook or coaching program on your own! But is that really how you want to spend your time? By using a ghostwriter you can leave the writing to me while you focus on your clients! As a small business owner or coach you should play to your strengths. It is ok to outsource the things you do not enjoy!

If you need one more reason to work with me here are my credentials. I am a certified life and career coach. I have two self published coaching programs and a B.A. in English from UCSB.

In conclusion, let’s turn your idea into action! You can find the gig over on Fiverr and you can find samples of my work below!

Confidence Building Journal

Coaching Program ebook

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