Lessons from a Recovering Perfectionist

As a human being and a recovering perfectionist I put a lot of pressure on myself. Over the past few years I’ve worked really hard to recognize the signs of burnout but occasionally it just rears its head without notice. On our journey to balance we often end up in unbalanced places.  To reduce the number of surprise visits I get from my buddy burnout I’ve started allowing myself to cut corners and as your life and career coach and friend I want to encourage you to do the same  *insert perfectionist fainting on her fainting couch or clutching pearls here*  

You Do Not Have to Give 100% 

It is ok to not give 100% to everything you do. In fact, it’s impossible to give 100% to everything you do. It’s one of life’s few guarantees – do too much and you will end up on a one way train to burnout town. So let’s make this simple – stop giving 100% to everything – especially things that have low impact, won’t matter in 5 years or things that do not affect anyone negatively if you cut corners. Which brings me to my next point…

Cut Corners 

Ready for the best motivational sentence you will ever receive? Cut corners when and where you can. Use the aforementioned rules of making sure no one will get hurt by your negligence then give yourself permission to make things easier for yourself. Examples of cutting corners can include: buying pre-made pie crust while making a homemade pie (or buying a store bought pie – you do you!), grow things from plants instead of seeds (a personal revelation of mine that I shared on Instagram) or do the workout you want to do instead of the one you have scheduled. 

You Don’t Have to Grow the Seeds

You cannot be perfect and you cannot give 100% to everything you do. But you can give yourself grace. So please give yourself grace. Cut corners, be messy, be human and be kind to yourself. Give yourself all the tools you can to be the person you want to be. 

Where do you struggle balancing things in your life? Is there a place to cut corners?

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