Prioritizing YOU (low cost edition)

A current trend on TikTok is “prioritizing myself for a year” which on paper is a trend I can support 100%. What I cannot support is the notion that you must spend a metric ton of money to prioritize yourself and find happiness. 

As a helpless TikTok doom scroller I consume a large amount of content. Lately my fyp (“for you page” for my non-TikTok literate friends) has been relentlessly feeding me videos of people (mostly white women) who spent the last year focusing on themselves and have now found happiness. Their highlight reels are truncated 60 second or less videos featuring large friend groups, fancy picnics, clubs, vacation and hot girl makeovers.

A vlog style chat through the tips and tricks in this blog

They look happy, they are taking care of themselves and I love it. I have no issue with what they are doing, sharing and posting but what I’ve come to realize is that this content makes it look like prioritizing oneself has to be expensive. When I first started really putting myself first this kind of content would have heavily discouraged me from going down the self-healing road. So today I’m sharing a few of my free or low cost ways that I take care of myself and put myself first. It’s not as glamorous as the party girl vibe I used to embody but it has made me exponentially happier. You can use one, all or a handful of them; there are no rules here. 

Fun fact – I also use these tips/tricks to help myself feel better after being in a funk, being too busy or when I need to get grounded in my life. 

Also, I am not a therapist, medical professional or any sort of MD. Please be sure to work with a licensed professional when it comes to your physical and mental health. 

Clean Your Space 

When the anxiety, stress or chaos of existing makes me feel out of control I dump everything out of my dresser and refold it. This process helps me practice gratitude for what I own, assists me in getting rid of things that don’t make me happy (like clothes that don’t fit and will never fit again), and it helps me get present in my body. This also works with cleaning closets, junk drawers, scrubbing your home (you can practice gratitude for your space by cleaning it) or your car. Bonus points if you change the sheets and light a nice candle for yourself. 

Clean Yourself 

Another way I show myself that I care is by getting really present and cleaning my body. This includes brushing and flossing my teeth, showering, washing my hair or just giving my face a nice deep clean with an awareness that I am doing this because I deserve to be taken care of, literally. If I’m not in a funk and have energy this can also include getting dressed up, doing my hair or makeup and making myself feel like I am worthy of getting ready just to feel good.

My number one rule with this is that regardless of if it’s just brushing my teeth or if I end up looking like I’m getting ready for the prom, I always tell myself “good job” after every task. I know it sounds cheesy but it’s important for me to hear from myself that I am enough and doing a great job regardless of how far I take the process. Prioritizing you can be cheesy but I find the kind self-talk extremely effective.

Move Your Body 

If I have the energy I move my body. Workouts are great, so are walks around the house. Sometimes it’s just the act of pulling out my yoga mat and laying on it while I listen to a yoga Youtube video. There are no rules here as long as I’m honoring my body and being kind to myself AND only moving from a place of self-love. This is not an excuse to abuse my body or punish it. Got it? Ok, good, be kind to yourself while you’re prioritizing you.

I hope this inspires you and reminds you that self-care can be free. I’m including a Youtube video below where I share more ways to nurture yourself. Questions? Want to talk about it? Build a custom plan together? Discovery coaching calls are available in the new year

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