What Just Happened? 2021 Edition

It’s New Year’s Eve – I am on the couch with Herman and Brenton. We are reflecting on the chaos, confusion and pockets of joy that made our 2021 memorable. Want to take a trip down my already hazy memory lane with us? 

First Half of 2021

Early 2021 included my 28th birthday, an emergency trip to the vet for Vicar Herm and my first viral TikTok. Ruffling the feathers of white men and boomers was kind of fun but more importantly it led to a wildly successful (by my standards) year in my business. 

Anyone else exceptionally confused by the passing of time in 2021? The last year has been...weird to say the least.
Herman never quite got the cone thing down

In spring I started a new Instagram account in an attempt to truly embody confidence and share some of my poetry. Poems are my favorite way to self-regulate and most of my big feelings become fuel for processing and playing through words. 

Somewhere over the course of the next months I created my second self-paced program (a 35 day confidence building journal), self-published on KDP and made a small yet powerful name for myself on TikTok. 

Second Half of 2021

Over the summer of 2021 I added writing services to my business, created copy for programs for other coaches and took on an additional job to help fund my desperate desire for everything on the Reformation website (it’s a problem and a lifestyle). We also lost some very important people in our lives to cancer, took a trip to the mountains and made an unconscious decision to start trusting ourselves more. 

July was my best month for my business and that month alone brought me more success than all of 2020. True highs followed by true lows seemed to be the theme of the year. 

Fall was filled with big feelings, a lot of watching the West Wing, hard conversations around boundaries and a new normal as I settled into my new day to day routines. August brought big conversations around the future and September brought a shiny sapphire ring. Getting engaged and planning our wedding has been the highlight of 2021. November brought dress shopping, hugs from grandparents and party planning. 

Ending 2021 with Gratitude

And now, here we sit, at the end of December. This month was filled with family, much needed rest, bubble baths and much needed corgi couch snuggles. And from this couch I am so grateful for the weird year I had. I am grateful for the privilege to work from home. My gratitude extends to my social media followers, my friends/family and to you, the reader of this blog. Thank you for being here, for making it through 2021 somehow – I know it was rather hard. 

Looking towards 2022, I am excited. I am excited about our wedding next year. I am proud of how much I’ve grown since I started this blog. I’m grateful for the new (and returning) clients I have lined up for January. But most of all I’m looking towards 2022 with optimism (maybe a tad bit of delusion). 

Stay safe, stay home and see you in 2022! 

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