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Is Your Personal Brand Holding You Back?

Is your fear of tarnishing your personal brand holding you back? An honest conversation about our fear of judgement.… Continue reading →


Finding (A Little) Motivation

Lacking motivation? I’ve for a game plan for us! Let’s revisit some of the content that helped me get some pep in my step. … Continue reading →


The Art of Imperfection

I’ve been working on mastering the art of imperfection. And this website is a testimony to the work I’ve put into shedding my perfectionist skin. I spent years keeping my talents and opinions to myself, doubting myself, living with imposter syndrome and thinking I was the dumbest person in the room – all because I… Continue reading →


Rest, Revisit and Integrate

This week we are going to rest and revisit previous blog posts. Why? Well, I’m tired. Are you tired? I’m tired. And since one of my favorite messages is that everyone is worthy of rest I think it’s essential to lead by example. So, this week we are resting. … Continue reading →

You Don’t Have to LOVE Your Job

I’m going to say something that may surprise you considering I’m a career coach. Are you ready for the best advice I can give you? You don’t have to love your job and no career choices are permanent. You are allowed and encouraged to be fully and wholly fulfilled – even if you aren’t currently… Continue reading →


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