toxic positivity

Toxic Positivity Detox: How to Get Out of the Beautiful Lie

In case you missed my last post we are going on a toxic positivity detox! We have all been telling each other beautiful lies and it is time to pull back the curtain and get real! … Continue reading →

Authenticity, Protecting your Energy & Toxic Positivity

Toxic positivity is abundant on social media and a vast majority of us are guilty of it. Here’s how to identify it and ways to stop using it!… Continue reading →

Grounded with Potato Tacos

Making potato tacos (dupe for Taco Bell potato tacos since they are GETTING RID OF THE BEST ITEM ON THE MENU!) Enjoy! … Continue reading →

Getting Grounded

My favorite ways to get grounded during shelter in place! Includes meditation, movement, shopping and more! … Continue reading →

Authenticity and Bravery Go Hand in Hand

I’ve talked about bravery before but lately I’ve had a bravery break through that I wanted to share. If you read the last post about bravery you might have a clue – it’s all about the importance of authenticity. … Continue reading →


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