You Don’t Have to LOVE Your Job

I’m going to say something that may surprise you considering I’m a career coach. Are you ready for the best advice I can give you? You don’t have to love your job and no career choices are permanent. You are allowed and encouraged to be fully and wholly fulfilled – even if you aren’t currently… Continue reading →

burnout prevention

Burnout Prevention Plan

You are not lazy, you are experiencing burnout! This week we are talking about burnout prevention and how to redefine rest. … Continue reading →

school faceless student tired

My Monkey Mind Has Taken Over

My monkey mind has taken over my life! Here’s how to identify it and how to stop it.  Heard or experienced any of these lately? COVID brain, self-diagnosed ADHD, auto-pilot, zoning out, scattered thoughts. These responses, spacey moments or knee jerk reactions are stress responses. They are what happens when our survival instinct kicks in… Continue reading →

Why Being Busy Is Not Cool

Being busy is not cool! This week we are talking about the importance of leaning back, resting and taking time for ourselves! … Continue reading →

fired or furloughed

Furloughed or fired – Now What?

What I wish I had known when I was initially furloughed and eventually let go. My advice on how to handle unemployment during covid. … Continue reading →


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