But Really Though has Gone to the Dogs – Adopting a Dog

If you follow But Really Though on instagram you may already know WE GOT A DOG.


Herman is a four year old corgi mix that we adopted from the Animal Compassion Team in Fresno. He is settling in to the city life nicely and has already adjusted to apartment living.


A little backstory on how Herman ended up moving to SF. We decided to commit seriously to getting a dog this year. In preparation we ensured that our SF apartment was dog friendly before signing the lease, we applied with a local pug rescue to foster and we took multiple trips to the SF SPCA. As of October, we still had not found the perfect four legged friend. After struggling to find the right dog in the city we began looking at rescues in CA’s Central Valley since they have some of the fullest shelters in the state (and a lot of the dogs at the SF SPCA were originally from the valley). After looking around online for a couple weeks we saw Herman and a few other dogs at the ACT and knew we had to go meet them.


After we arrived at the ACT and told them the size and exercise requirements for our future four legged friend we were immediately directed to Herman. Brenton had picked Herman out on the website (I think we both immediately fell in love with his Batman looking ears). Herman was one of the only little dogs that was outside in a pen – when we asked why we were told that he liked to rile up big dogs and loved to roll in the dirt. Herman was very attached to the ACT employee who was showing him to us but was willing to come over to us for head pats. He was timid, and can still be a bit weird about us petting his tail end, but beyond friendly. After 5 minutes with the little guy we knew he had to come home with us.


We signed the adoption papers that day and were told to come back the next day to pick him up since he needed a bath and nail trim. We picked him up, worried that he may not want to come with us since we were basically strangers but he hopped in the car and never looked back.


Adopting a rescue dog has its downsides. We don’t know his past or why he doesn’t want us to pet his tail end, we don’t know who or what tore his ear before the rescue found him and given the opportunity he will bolt. But, in my opinion there are way more pros than cons. Herman has had no accidents in the house, he follows us around like a shadow, he knows how to walk on a leash and he loves us unconditionally already. The first couple days were hard especially when he would not sit near us or let us brush him but he is already a snuggle bug who doesn’t mind being combed.


I can’t wait to watch his personality unfold and to share it with all of you.