A New Mystery is Afoot (and a rebranding)

A long time ago (2019-2021) Brenton and I hosted a podcast called Life on Mars. Life on Mars is a Veronica Mars rewatch podcast and we diligently went episode by episode and into the tangential yet amazing movie. It was our first podcast, a true learning experience and a lot of fun for us. 

Our lives post Life on Mars, while busy and robust (we got engaged and started planning a wedding), have felt like something was missing. While ruminating on what creative adventure to go on next a friend of mine sent me a Mike’s Mic video recapping the chaos that was Pretty Little Liars and that’s when the idea hit me. A PLL rewatch podcast with Brenton as a first time viewer and me, an owner of the first two seasons on DVD and a real time fan. 

For our Veronica Mars fans, don’t worry we are not going to pull down the old episodes. We are going to rebrand the podcast as “Dead Ends” to allow us to do more shows like PLL or VM on the same feed. 

From Neptune to Rosewood

I truly believe Pretty Little Liars walked so Riverdale could run. If you were alive in the 2010’s you will probably remember the tight grip Pretty Little Liars (PLL) had on the younger millennial generation. And if you were not in the PLL twitter trenches I am both sorry for you and curious about what you did with all your free time.  

Don’t worry – if you happened to miss this Freeform/ABC Family chaotic crime show all you truly need to know is that PLL is an iconic teenage murder mystery with all the elements of a soap opera and an even wilder plot. 

But Emily, Why PLL? 

My experience with PLL. Summer of 2012, I was 19, I had my tonsils out, I binge watched the first three seasons on painkillers. From there I was addicted.


  1. It’s glorious millennial teenage murder mystery trash 
  2. Brenton has only seen the series finale and knows nothing about it 
  3. The first 2 to 3 seasons are an exceptional mystery arc
  4. PLL walked so riverdale could run 

Podcast Format 

Back to this podcast – here’s the plan. Brenton and I learned through our Veronica Mars podcast and this time we plan to summarize the episode or two that we are talking about in each episode, then spend the rest of the episode digging into the highlights, important pieces and putting together the plot. 

We will be posting this on podcast players and Youtube – if you want to see our confused and concerned faces feel free to find the Youtube channel! 

Ready to solve the mystery of who A is and what they want 12 years after the show aired? Join us!