Welcome to Anti-Racism – Let’s Learn

White people – are we all riled up and ready to educate ourselves on anti-racism? We better be. One of the best ways to educate ourselves (and NOT burden people of color to educate us ad hoc because we’ve finally decided to hop on board with the right side of history) is to READ. 

Lucky for us, some amazing authors of color have penned literature to help us educate, empathize and challenge our internalized racism. 

If at any point while reading these books you feel uncomfortable – GOOD – that means you are growing. 

Libraries may be closed but that doesn’t mean we can’t get some home delivery books or download ebooks/audible!

Before We Start

I’ve included Amazon links since quite a few of my readers do not live in areas with robust local bookstores. All links are Amazon Affiliate links in this post. If you click through my link and order your book off Amazon I will donate the affiliate kick back to a BLM charity and match it with my own contribution.

Please, If you live near a bookstore (black or other minority owned even better) please shop from your local bookstore instead. If your local bookstore is not open please consider donating to one to help keep it alive and thriving. Bookstores are the cornerstones of our societies. I’m including a link to an independent Black bookstore in Oakland that could use your help: https://www.gofundme.com/f/marcus-books-anniversary-fundraiser

Anti-Racism Literature – Where to Start

For the purpose of this post I am only sharing non-fiction literature. For me personally, this is my weak spot, but for others it may be crucial to start in the fiction section. To determine this you can ask yourself if you were exposed to books about cultures outside of your own as a child. Multiculturalism is often overlooked in children’s literature and if we don’t start seeking out work outside of our own cultures at a young age we can fail to build that muscle as adults.

Get comfortable with learning about new cultures and seek out the stories of people who don’t look like you – it’s magical, educational and builds empathy. In other words, it’s essential. I’m happy to put together a list of fiction books as well – but for now- let’s jump in.

Anti-Racism Non-Fiction Book List

Between the World and Me

How to Be Anit-Racist

So You want TO Talk About Race

Divided Sisters

Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race

White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism 

And there are so many more available if you do a quick google search!

If the books are sold out everywhere and audiobooks aren’t your thing, they are all available on Amazon’s Kindle app – which you can download to a phone, tablet or computer. Including a link to a Kindle version of one of the above books below! Don’t let the idea that they are sold out keep you from learning! Please, take the time to read, educate, and challenge yourself to expose your own biases. Remember, learning is the important part – you will fuck up as an ally and make mistakes but keep showing up and educating yourself anyway. 

The world needs you to learn, grow and do better.

White People – We Have To Do Better

We have to do better.

As a kid I was fed a delicious lie that we lived in a post racist and post sexist society. I was told that the world is a melded together homogenous culture where everyone is treated equally. 

Obviously, that’s a lie. 

That lie, and our willingness to believe in it, has done so much damage. The white privileged belief that things are “getting better” or “ok” is a cozy, comfortable lie. We have to stop spreading it.

“The beauty of anti-racism is that you don’t have to pretend to be free of racism to be anti-racist. Anti-racism is the commitment to fight racism wherever you find it, including in yourself. And it’s the only way forward.”

-Ijeoma Oluo

With our privileged white blinders on we have all benefited from our white supremacist culture. We have never had to worry about playing our music too loud, being falsely accused of a crime because we “fit the description”, having the cops called on us for walking in our neighborhood.

We have an immense amount of privilege and we MUST use it to meet the needs of those affected by our generations of oppression and negligence.

Does this make you a little uncomfortable? It should. 

Have you caught yourself thinking “well, I’m one of the good ones?” Then you’re part of the problem.

“In a racist society, it is not enough to be non-racist, we must be anti-racist.”

– Angela Y. Davis

Now, we need to take action. 

Below is an evergreen list of ways to use your money, time, and educate yourself to help the black community.


It is not the job of the oppressed to educate their oppressors. Please do not ask the black community to educate you on racism. Educate yourself, look for resources (some linked below), elevate the voices of black people and when in doubt give your money to black women, especially black trans women!

When you make a mistake (and you will make a mistake) DO NOT GIVE UP. Take your lesson in stride, learn from your mistake, educate others with your mistake, and KEEP DOING THE WORK.

On looting and the definition of violence: We live in a capitalist society that puts more value on property than human lives. When you are more worried about a CVS or Target than you are about the MURDER of a black man then you are part of the problem. Address this within yourself and learn from it.

Some ways to Use Your Money

Minnesota Freedom Fund https://minnesotafreedomfund.org/

This continually updated document: Resources for Accountability and Action for Black lives (includes petitions for those who may not be able to donate financially) https://docs.google.com/document/u/1/d/1Xa9Av-NfuFsWBHlsMvPiqJHdNedZgnCRW56qAS-7PGQ/mobilebasic?urp=gmail_link

Some ways to Educate Yourself On Racism, White Supremacy & How To Be A Better Ally

And another anti-racism resource list: https://docs.google.com/document/u/1/d/1BRlF2_zhNe86SGgHa6-VlBO-QgirITwCTugSfKie5Fs/mobilebasic?fbclid=IwAR2UUWrU_JSvET7gJ7mNUxnxUVfHTd2pR9ukRbZqVj_XTjWKHV4Aj3XOfFQ&urp=gmail_link

Have additional resources you want to share? Email butreallythocoaching@gmail.com and I’ll add them OR put them in the comments. 

Do better.