Hunting Down Creativity

My creativity is bipolar. It is either manic, coming at me in full force, attempting to attack. Or it is hiding so well I’m convinced I never had it to begin.


I’m a task oriented individual. I like lists, goals, following a process thoroughly. Creativity does not like to play by my rules. Creativity waltz in, stays for just one dance and then disappears faster than Cinderella at midnight.

I’ve discovered that I cannot magic creativity when there is time for it in my schedule so I have dedicated myself to two tactics on finding and harnessing it.


  1. Whenever creativity strikes I write it down, jump on it and try to make moves. If I am too busy or at work I jot down the thought in my notes and pray to god that I will have some inkling of its magic left when I have time to look it over.
  2. My less successful tactic, but incredibly more fun, I try to lure it in. When I want to be creative but can’t muster up an idea I force myself to try. I pull out the list mentioned above, or a creative writing prompt from Google or I try movement. I will start by attempting intuitive yoga and see what emotions I can bring out. Once I identify an emotion I write it down to use. Turning movement into words is becoming my new favorite game.

Am I good at these? Of course not! I’m just getting started but I’m working on it.

How are you doing with your goals this month?