Starting a Business During a Pandemic

Who in their right mind starts a business during a pandemic? Me! I do – I did – I finally got there! And if you follow me on Instagram you will know that the process of getting my business license has been DRAMATIC AF. It has been a JOURNEY. 

To top the whole event off, when my license arrived on Monday it said “But Really Do” instead of “But Really Tho” *face palm* Luckily, the easiest part of this process has been calling the county office to get it fixed. My new license arrived within 3 days of my call. 

too long? don’t want to read? watch this instead!

But, the rest of the process – it’s been CHAOS. So let’s take a trip down memory lane. 

Why did I do this? 

Let’s go back to December, shall we? 

I shared why I started my business during vlogmas and in this post but I glossed over the logistics because they were messy. ICYMI my goal with moving to the coaching space was to help people instead of corporations and to make personal and professional development available to everyone – including those who could not afford high level coaching. Financial gatekeeping in this industry is a tricky subject and my goal was to shake things up – make sure there is content available for those who can’t financially invest (hence this blog & my youtube channel). 

Business Plan

So, with my mission intact I set myself a plan to get what I wanted. At the end of 2019 I set myself the goal to start working on my business and build it so that I could quit my HR job by the end of 2020. I signed up and got certified as a Life Coach. Worked coaching information into my HR job at the time. Began slowly building that client list and social media audience. Slow and steady wins the race. 

To start making money legitimately I needed a business license. Easy right? WRONG! 

The process of getting a business license varies by where you live. For me, this process was a low key nightmare because I lived in the unincorporated part of my county. I needed a special permit to operate a virtual business from my home and it needed to be signed by my landlord. 

So at the beginning of March, I jumped through this hoop, got my leasing office to sign off on it and then made an appointment to go turn it in and get my business license. The hard part was over (I thought).

A Wrench in the Plan 

With this document in hand I was ready to go in to file my permit, DBA (aka my business name But Really Tho) AND my business license. I made plans to go do it all on Friday March 20th. This plan went to absolute crap because CA went on lockdown around 3/16. 


I realize in hindsight that some people may have taken this setback as a sign to stop but I refused. I knew I had two options – sit like a log and wait for the government to re-open in 3 weeks OR call and beg for them to let me mail the documents in. 

Being stubborn AF I decided to do the latter. Lucky for me all the wonderful women who work at the county office were sweet, kind and totally ok with me mailing things in. So, I mailed in my home permit. It came back three weeks later & I got everything together to file my dba. We were moving again!!

Around and round and round we go! 

This came back to me THREE WEEKS LATER unapproved because my check had my old address on it. 

I ordered new checks and tried again.

A MONTH AFTER MAILING I HEARD NOTHING BACK. Radio silence. I called the county office and they just never received my check….

At this point I began to wonder if the universe was giving me a big ole NO STOP DON’T but I refused to listen. 

I re-mailed the DBA (aka my business name) and two weeks later I was APPROVED. 


I finally had all the paperwork ready to file by the end of June – four months after my initial planned start date. 

I mailed my paperwork in late June/early July and it FINALLY came back – approved, official, legit…except that darn typo.

The Lesson 

Now, at the end of July – my license is here, accurate and ready to go! I am 100% a legitimate business. Looking back on this journey I could have quit, procrastinated or given up but instead I used my delays wisely. 

In the four months that it took to get my license together I grew my social media, grew my client list, got super consistent on my blog, youtube and instagram content. I did online trainings, I researched all the topics I wanted to create courses on and I embodied my coaching lessons. I created programs, marketing strategies, spoke on virtual panels, worked on myself and I spent time living my life.

The lesson from all of this is: do not give up when things get hard. Do not quit because the path doesn’t look like you thought it would. Don’t be afraid to change your approach but never lose sight of your goal. 

This process got me here – to you – ready to help you conquer all your roadblocks. Ready to go after what you want? Stick with it when things get hard? Refuse to give up on yourself? Sign up for a session or program. Let’s make you the master of your life and career! 

Want to make a change but not sure where to start? Email for a free screening call – let’s figure it out together.