Christmas Decor & More

Happy Christmas (Vlogmas) in July!

Whether you stumbled upon this when it was initially written (July) or you arrived at the “normal” holiday season – WELCOME. Let’s add some holiday cheer to your life!

Why Christmas in July?

ICYMI last week I posted that I released a BRAND NEW PROGRAM designed to help you identify your wants, make a plan to get them AND pick yourself back up when you fall. Regardless of when you find this post you can still sign up for the course – it is self paced, can be completed at any time/as many times as you want and it’s available here!

Christmas is a holiday that normalizes WISHING and WANTING. And we want to normalize wanting if we want to get what we want! So, we need to practice acknowledging and encouraging the art of wanting. Got it?

I know, that’s a lot of wants in one post – but I promise you that getting comfortable with what you want is the best way to take control of your life. Design a life that fulfills you – I’m happy to help!

So now that we have our why let’s get into the supplies this elf bought to turn July 2020 into a holiday extravaganza.

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Christmas Cheer Supplies

Ho ho ho – I may have gone a little wild on Amazon but I believe that if you are going to decorate for Christmas twice in one year it’s okay to invest a little in your fun!

A Mini Christmas Tree (Artificial)

I’m allergic to real Christmas trees. I also live in a two bedroom apartment. Because of these factors I invested in a mini Christmas tree.

I’m lazy so I always try to buy pre-lit trees. The one below is the best looking one I’ve found this year.


What is Christmas without a wreath? I added ornaments to mine but there are a lot of pre-decorated ones. I love this one because, once again, it is pre-lit.

Gingerbread Houses, Puzzles, crafts

I love holiday crafts. As a kid I LOVED making paper chains to count down until Christmas. As an adult I love decorating gingerbread houses with those kits you find all over the grocery store.

It’s a little harder to come by a gingerbread kit in July but Amazon pulled through for me. This one came with an entire village!

I’m also a BIG fan of puzzles because they force me to put down my phone and get in the moment. So here is my newest holiday puzzle!

My final craft friend is a tie dye kit. Because it is July, tie dye is trendy right now and why not!

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Gift Guide for the Fitness Inclined

Oh the weather outside is frightful and your Christmas shopping list is not delightful so to make your shopping less stressful, read below read below read below!

Happy Holidays! I know the most wonderful time of the year is usually synonymous with the most stressful time of the year so to ease some of your shopping discomfort I’ve come up with a list of gifts that are budget friendly, easy to buy & will still have time to be delivered gift guide for any fitness lover in your life. I love giving people items that are cute & useful in their day to day life especially if they are setting intentions of practicing healthy habits in the new year. 

**All links in this blog post are affiliate links


Resistance Bands!

Resistance bands & hip circles are the new cool kids at the gym. The instagram fitness community swears by these, especially if you need a way to up your leg day without upping the weight you are lifting. I’m a huge fan of these and for under $25 they are a thoughtful gift for your gym friend who’s trying to build a booty!


Queenie Ke makes amazing gym & budget friendly leggings. I have a black pair of these that I hold to the same caliber as my Gymshark leggings.

Gym Bag!

Any gym goer knows how much of a pain it can be to carry your water bottle, keys, IDs, warm-up clothes & whatever else you deem necessary for your workout. A nice gym bag is an amazing gift that can be both cute and functional. You can get creative and buy one in a fun color or stick to the classics like I did.

Water Bottle!

Single use plastic is out and cute reusable bottles are in. A reusable water bottle is a great gift because regardless of how many someone owns you can always use an extra. I chose this one because it was cute, well priced and BPA free.

Yoga Mat

Yoga mats are the BEST gifts. You can never have too many! Depending on what flooring I’m on I’ll use two at a time to cushion my achy old gymnast body. Bonus: they’re super cute!

Hope this helps anyone with a last minute shopping list that is a mile long! Let me know in the comments what your favorite fitness item is! Happy shopping!

A Guide to Buying Gifts for the Man in Your Life Based on Relationship Length

Buying presents for others is hard. Buying presents for boyfriends is really hard. Buying presents for a new boyfriend is damn near impossible. Never fear, I am here to help.

Below is a semi – serious guide to the best gifts for your guy based on how long you have known him. Hope this helps – And don’t forget to get a little something for yourself from Kate’s Treat-Yo-Self guide while you’re shopping.


0-3 months – Much like a newborn baby, in a newborn relationship you still have no idea what each other’s true personalities are like. You vaguely know his favorite color, movies, facebook interests and maybe music he is into but you don’t know what makes him tick yet. I recommend playing it safe (unless he’s a dud- then just dump his ass for Christmas). Play it safe presents consist of pint glasses with his favorite tv characters on them, funny boxers, bottle openers and alcohol. If you are crafty this is your time to shine, maybe make him some ReignBeers (for you uncrafty folk these are beers with antlers made with brown pipe cleaners). My rule of thumb, keep it under $30. You may regret buying him those $60 vinyls when he annoys you by New Years.


3-9 months – At this point you think you know him. You may have seen him cry over Bing Bong watching Inside Out, but do you really know him? For this period of time I recommend something in relation to an inside joke you have OR something you’ve bonded over. Books, movies, music are all good presents. If he’s into Game of Thrones maybe get him the books. If he loves video games maybe get him a new controller. If you have an inside joke about how stinky his farts are may I suggest Poo-Pourri? My rule of thumb for this is to keep it under $60.


9 months – two years – By now you actually know him. Props to you if you have decided to keep a man around this long. Warning – he may still be pretending to be a wonderful man, when in reality he is a dud. Watch out for red flags! If you are certain he doesn’t suck then feel free to spend a little more. When you are this deep in a relationship I believe honesty is the best policy – ask for a list. Do not make assumptions about what he wants or likes because even if you are right, he probably already bought it for himself. Men suck like that. Also, this gives you an opportunity to give him a list so he can stop buying you fuzzy socks and sickly sweet smelling perfumes.

Image from here. Loralie and Luke exemplifying the “put a bow on it” rule.

Two years/ when you move in together – forever- Congrats, you have someone to love you over the holidays for the foreseeable future. Aren’t you lucky? At this point I suggest just buying things you want for your home. Need a new dishwasher? Put a bow on it and tell him it’s his present! Want to get that new closet organizer from Ikea? Ho ho ho let’s clean the closet! After all, it’s the thought that counts. 😉


Now go, shop, take this guide and run with it…but remember, I am not an expert, your results may vary.