How to Harness Bravery

“To be nobody-but-yourself — in a world which is doing its best, night and day, making you everybody else–means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting.” — E.E. Cummings

If you had told me a couple years ago I would be writing a blog post about how I access and harness bravery I would have laughed, timidly, in your face. 

Bravery and I have had an ebb and flow relationship. I was an opinionated child, a loudly opinionated teen, a squashed into submission sorority girl, a rebel without a cause post grad and then part of the corporate world petrified of making the wrong move. 

In my early adult life I went through periods of authenticity and rekindled my bravery only to let that light slowly go back out because I hadn’t truly identified who I was or what I wanted. But over the last year I rediscovered what it meant to be me and how to use my authentic self, my inner truth, to harness the courage to be myself. Here’s how I did it. 

Identify Who You Are and What You Want – Authenticity

It all boils down to authenticity. Authenticity requires self awareness, vulnerability and the key ingredient of bravery

How do we get to a spot where we are brave enough to be ourselves? Well, to start, we love the shit out of ourselves. I’ve shared videos on harnessing self love and the importance it plays in being our authentic selves.  

When we truly love ourselves the power other people have over us reduces significantly. But then what? 

We still have to be brave. 

Can’t miss an opportunity to include a Disney reference

What is Bravery? 

Bravery is doing something that you know is right for you even if it scares the shit out of you. Facing myself, who I was and what I wanted forced me to muster up courage. It’s so hard to get to know ourselves if we are afraid of what we might find which is why self love is so important. 

For me, bravery was identifying my fears, getting to know them and still doing the things that scared me because I knew they were authentic for me. My most recent example of bravery was making the jump to this career path full-time. Being self employed is unpredictable, we are continually told that we are in unprecedented times, and what if’s were abundant amongst my friends, family and myself. In the end, I know this is the right path for me for now, so I jumped because this is what is authentic to me. 

Bravery is not being different or contrarian for the sake of being difficult. Feeling special or unique is super important to most of us but we have to do it from an honest place. Your authenticity is your power so wield it wisely and don’t use it to hurt anyone else. 

Now that we have defined what bravery is and is not let’s talk about how to access it. 


One of my favorite ways to call in bravery is to literally tell myself that I’m brave. I look myself in the eye in my mirror and tell myself “I am brave” or “I am courageous”.

It sounds silly but I promise the more you say it the more you will start to believe it. 

If vague terms are not your jam feel free to get specific with it. For example if your fear is public speaking your affirmation can be “I am a skilled and confident orator” or “I am an excellent public speaker and I find ease in getting my point across”. 

Keep saying it until you believe it. Courage is a mindset. 

Get to Know and Own Your Fears

What’s stopping you from doing what you want or being who you want? What’s so scary about it? 

“What if’s” are often a lot scarier than the real outcome but if it makes you feel better play out the worst case scenario and see what happens.  

* Depending on the answers to this it may be time to work with a mental health professional to overcome some of these fears – especially if they are based on previous events in your life. My personal advice on this is to always work with someone who specializes in the subject you are struggling with. 

Bravery is being nervous or scared and doing what resonates anyway. It’s ok to be afraid – you’re growing! You can acknowledge the fear and still keep going. 

Just Jump

You know your fear – it’s right in your face. Now you just have to do it. If you can always try to do the hard thing first. 

In my experience, once you start being brave it’s a lot easier to keep going. It’s going to be scary – do it anyway. If it will help have someone support you on your jump. Ask someone to hold you accountable to it and ask them to remind you of your why.  

Celebrate Your Bravery

Once you’ve done it, even if it was awful – CELEBRATE. You made a move. You did the thing! Even if you totally stunk it up you tried something new!

This is how I went about harnessing my bravery and turning it into a tool for success. A word of warning – bravery is not a one way street. I’ve had moments of panic, loss of courage, and self doubt trickle in OFTEN but I just kept coming back to my authenticity and my truth. 

If you need help identifying your wants so you can turn bravery into your super power reach out for a 1×1 session! 

*I am not a therapist or licensed medical professional. This does not replace the advice of a certified medical professional. Always work with a legitimate professional when it comes to your health. 

July/August Recap & September Confidence

In June, I kept near my goals but fell off my routine a couple times (my morning workouts got moved to afternoon, I did not listen to others or my body well and battled my brain for control of my life). I was in desperate need of an emotional and physical reset. After working my ass off to get back to my regular schedule this August I’ve decided that I should accompany this reset with some confidence.

I’m going to get back into daily meditation. In June, I got lazy about my regular practice and my mental health suffered. I was easily triggered, not a good look for someone who works in HR. Through the latter half August I’ve gotten back into yoga and meditation and it’s really helped me keep my cool.

I’ve decided it’s time to make my workouts harder. I’ve decided to bump up one of my 3 mile runs to 4-6 depending on the week.I plan to wake up on time so I can stretch before I run to prevent injuries from flaring up. I also have started going to a public yoga class instead of only doing yoga at home. I even bought B and I 5 class passes for a nearby studio (it is easier for me to stick with something if I have a partner). So far we are loving it there! B was even told that he had a “beautiful practice”. He’s been on cloud 9 since. I am also going to continue incorporating new equipment and heavier weights into my workout. I’ve really started to fall in love with lifting. I think weight training has brought back some of the confidence I had when I was a dancer. I love being in awe of my own body’s capabilities.

I’m going to have confidence in my writing abilities. It doesn’t matter how creative I am if I am too afraid to write anything to share. I’m going to take control of my craft. I’ve been lazy with my writing lately but I am going to use my confidence in myself to really channel my emotions and create.

I’m going to take my confidence into the workplace. Asking for the resources I need. Contributing ideas with confidence. I am going to start taking complete control of my career. I’m going to be cautious about riding the line between confident and cocky.  

Being confident in myself is definitely going to lead me to my goal of love for the year and hopefully it will help me channel more creativity.

My end of summertime burnout is still here but I’m not going to let it stop me from trying to find love and creativity this year. I want to find confidence in my self love. I’ve been struggling with presenting myself with pride, confidence is definitely an act of self love.