But Really Tho – We Have TWO Podcasts

As part of my year of authenticity we (Brenton and I) are going all in on the things that bring me joy! So, we started not one but two podcasts. Let me break them down for you! 

Podcast hosts in their natural habitat
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But Really Tho (A Conspiracy Theory Podcast)

But Really Tho the podcast honors my Aquarius tendencies for obsessing over conspiracy theories. Each week Brenton and I each present a conspiracy theory. We state opinion as fact, lay out evidence, push our personal agendas and try to convince each other that our theory is true. THIS EVIDENCE IS A TOTAL SHAM AND ITS JUST FOR FUN but I promise you will laugh, worry about our sanity and you might even learn something along the way. New episode every Wednesday on Apple podcast, Spotify, Buzzsprout and the Google Play store. You can find the podcast Twitter here.

Life On Mars: A Veronica Mars Rewatch Podcast 

As late to the party Marshmallows we decided to rewatch the cult classic series Veronica Mars with a modern day mentality. We go episode by episode and visit the important themes like why does Rob Thomas hate everyone accept Logan? Why is Duncan so boring? How does Veronica have money for this fashion change she went through when her mom left? And most importantly who killed Lily Kane and why? It’s fun for marshmallows, burnt marshmallows and even non Veronica Mars watchers because we never stay on topic. You can listen to a new episode every Thursday on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Buzzsprout and the Google Play store. You can follow the podcast Twitter here.

Love listening to people talk? Personally enjoy strange conspiracy theories? Have a lot of questions about early 2000’s fashion? Come join us!

Feel free to leave a comment with any conspiracy theories you want to hear about – we are all ears.