I’m giving up Fast Fashion

We are literally killing our planet and I’ve come to the realization that my fast fashion purchases are a part of the problem.

Sure, I reduce, reuse and recycle and I avoid red meat but I still participate in one of the biggest contributors to climate change; fast fashion.

Fast fashion is easily accessible but (outside of the horrors of child labor/abusive labor that can happen during the garments creation) the garment by design is created to fall apart requiring the consumer to purchase more clothing. 

I always used the poor college student trope as an excuse for participating in fast fashion but now that I am a somewhat fully functional adult my weak excuse is no longer valid. As my birthday resolution I am going to stop buying fast fashion and only purchase clothing from companies that are sustainably sourcing or secondhand high quality clothing.

My other concern was that shopping sustainable was going to result in 26 year old me rocking a Frankie aesthetic (unrelated but if you do not watch Grace & Frankie please start now). Obviously, that is not the case and to prove it I have compiled a list of my favorite, trendy, ways to shop sustainably.

Frankie rocking her signature look. 

Everlane has my tried and true favorite affordable denim (but definitely size down). They also carry amazing basics and cozy wools. 10/10 recommend as a sustainable starter brand.

Amour Vert is my ideal high end brand. They have amazing quality, are a favorite for staple event outfits and tops. If you live in the SF area and have the budget to binge shop their 10 items for $300 deal at their sample sale is key. If not, I highly recommend picking up a floral wrap dress or LBD for your next sophisticated event.

Girlfriend Collective is my newest workout brand of choice. I am a #gymsharkaddict but since I am becoming a sustainable shopper I am so excited to give GF Collective a try.  My friends rave about their black leggings but I have my eye on a jewel tone set.

Reformation I have yet to try anything from Ref because I have no idea how to size myself there. BUT I am going to make a effort to give their clothing a try when I go on my next shopping binge. I think this is another brand that is a little out of an everyday price range but has great investment pieces.

Asos Eco Edit gets an honorable mention as well. Although the brands they include is this category  aren’t always the most eco-friendly it’s excited to see this concept get normalized.

For jackets and shoes that I cannot live without but don’t have an sustainable favorite for I have been turning to Poshmark. I have been using Poshmark off and on for years and buying second hand clothes is the most sustainable option there is. I recently purchased pink Steve Madden ankle boots for $30 that I cannot wait to wear! 

Have any sustainable fashion hacks? Please send them my way!!

My Favorite Things from July to Beat Summertime Sadness

Summer, as a concept, is weird when you no longer get to spend it sitting at home marathoning ANTM between hanging out with friends and working a minimum wage job. I may never get over the shock that corporations don’t take summer breaks but these are things that helped me make it through July.


British Bake-Off (Great British Baking Competition)


THIS IS THE MOST WHOLESOME THING ON TV. I’ve always heard that the show was addicting, but I did not know that is was so NICE. I know it’s a competition but I don’t think the contestants care. After watching the three seasons available on Netflix my faith in humanity has been restored.


I love Alison Brie. GLOW puts her over the top acting chops to the test and she delivers. She humanized the “other woman” while still remaining true to her characters narcissistic tendencies. She’s developed a character that I can’t quite hate, almost like a Marnie (from GIRLS) lite.


American Gods

Hands down, this is the best book I’ve read in a long time. While the extended version rivals Anna Karenina in length it is well worth the extra pages. The highlight of this novel is the character development of the gods. Each deity represents a small portion of the religion or belief they stem from. Beautiful novel with a spellbinding story.


Simple face wipes

Tried and true best friend for the summer sweaty face. I keep these in my purse to cool my face off after the gym. I also use them to take my makeup off at night when I’m too lazy to wash my face and I use them in the morning to wipe off my night cream. I know, the beauty gurus say face wipes are the anti-christ but my skin has never looked better.

Lush Dark Angels

On the days when I actually bother to take off my makeup I use Lush’s Dark Angels to clean out my ginormous pores. A little goes a long way with this and nine times out of ten I leave my sink looking dirtier than when I started but it’s magic for your face. I’ve used this product off and on for the last 6 months or so and every time I consistently use it my face improves exponentially.


Topshop Jamie Jeans

I am a self-proclaimed pants hater. My resentment specifically manifests on denim. Jeans are tight, uncomfortable and usually boring. To keep up with the current fashion trend of normcore, boring, plain clothing I decided I needed to buy some jeans so I went full basic and bought the ones that youtubers won’t shut up about. Topshops jeans are ridiculously comfy. They’re stretchy, they’re flattering and they come in a variety of colors and styles. I love the Jamie jeans and now wear them religiously. On a cool day the comfort level can almost pass for leggings which is a win in my book.


Public Yoga Classes

I am an avid YWA fangirl. Youtube workouts are my shit and Adriene makes yoga make sense. Recently B and I decided it was time to take our home yogas out to a yoga studio. I found a Groupon for a local studio so naturally we went with the cheapest one. The class we took was a Hatha Flow Level 1 and we loved it. After the practice the yoga instructor complimented our practice and I’ve never seen B happier. I highly recommend supplementing your home practice with the occasional public class.