Fitness Program Review: I Tried Natacha Oceane’s CUT

I’ve flirted with many fitness programs. I’ve tried PIIT28, BBG, instagram booty builder workout splits (no judgement on these, they gave me some of my best results prior to this program), yoga and everything in between. Over the last couple years I have fallen in love with the weight room because of the results it gave me.

My newfound love of weight lifting led to started following fitness influencers. One of my absolute favorites is Natacha Oceane. As a former gymnast, I am a huge fan of plyometric movements to get my heart rate up and Natacha emphasizes plyo. After following Natacha on instagram I began throwing in a few of her functional or plyo moves in to my workouts with B. He tolerated them, so after a few months of adding box jumps and HIIT to our split we decided to take the jump and purchase Natacha’s 10 week CUT fitness program.

CUT is marketed as a program that will help you burn fat, gain muscle and not jeopardize your metabolism. I personally was interested in this program because I want visible abs and this seemed like my best option (Natacha is absolutely ripped!). After completing this program for the first time I do not have visible abs but I have gained strength and did not have to change my eating habits at all.

CUT is a unique fitness program. The workout split is broken down in five workouts, with an optional and a mandatory rest day. The workouts are broken into plyometrics, upper body & HIIT, lower body, total body and HIIT. Each week the moves in the workouts change but the pattern stays the same. These workouts are KILLER and the upper body & HIIT day is by far the hardest thing I have ever done. My favorite thing about these workouts is the variety. A total body day can go from pull ups, to jumping lunges, to push ups without skipping a beat. I get bored by doing the same moves every week so I loved that the variety kept me going through the 10 week program.

To complete CUT I had to purchase the following items because my gym did not have them.

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Long Loop Resistance Bands

Needed for pull up assistance, glute kick backs, etc.

Barebell Pad

My gym does not have these available and without them I refuse to do hip thrusts


There are only two cons to CUT as a fitness program.

The first is that you have to have an hour or more to dedicate to the gym for each workout. This is great for endurance but can be difficult when you work a regular job.

The other complaint I have is that I was constantly running across the gym for the next move. I was running from squat rack, to a plyo corner, to leg press, then back to the squat rack for most of the workouts. This is fine if you go to the gym at 6am (like we usually do) or in the middle of the day BUT if you have to work out during peak hours this does not work. The few times B and I had to go to the gym after work we had to switch up the order we did the moves in so we could utilize equipment while it was open.

Contrary to my complaints I absolutely LOVED CUT and am already jumping back into it for a second round! Have you tried CUT or another workout program that you love?


Gym Leggings

Since I began my post grad fitness journey I’ve been bribing myself to go to the gym with material things, cute athletic wear to be exact. More often than not I set myself to go to the gym x number of times within two or three month and when I meet my goal I go on a gym clothes shopping spree. I know I have a problem but I’ve also never been in better shape so what’s a girl to do?  Thanks to this rewards system and the instagram algorithm that keeps providing me with gym clothes inspiration I am now the proud owner of too many damn pairs of leggings. To make myself feel better about my MULTIPLE drawers of gym clothes I am ranking my online shopping purchases for you below.  Why am I only doing leggings? As a member of the itty bitty titty committee I don’t think I have any insight on the world of functional sports bras.  I am providing my height/measurements to provide you with a bit of context for my reviews. I am 5’1 (on my tiptoes), 110lbs and I have a 25.5/26 inch waist depending on how much cheese I have eaten in the last 48 hours.Alo

Alo Yoga Goddess Leggings in Lime Green  

Size: XSPrice: $98Let’s start with the most expensive. These were a Christmas gift (thanks mom, love you) and are ideal for at home yoga. Unfortunately they are a bit too low rise to wear to the gym and safely not show everyone my butt. Depending on the day, I could see myself wearing them to a public yoga class but they do give an aggressive camel toe. Besides the fit the only real issue I have with them is that they are not machine washable which in my world makes them semi-impractical since I can work up a sweat rolling out my mat.


Gymshark –  Dreamy in Black

Size: XS Price: $42 I love the Dreamy leggings.  I don’t understand how pants this soft can be gym appropriate but they are. The material feels like a breathable mix of velvet and silk. If that texture description does not sound appealing to you – then think of the softest thing you own and make it about 50% less hot. These pettable pants do get a bit toasty so I would not wear them on a high cardio day unless you want to sweat it out. On the bright side while you are toasting your buns in these pants no one will see them because they are squat proof. As a shorty I like the cut of these – they are high waisted but don’t go all the way up to my ribs Kylo Ren style. The rest of the cut is fairly traditional.


Gymshark – Simply Mesh in Black

Size: XS Price: $46 I’m a big fan of Simply Mesh leggings because they let my hot little leggies breathe! These feel like high quality leotard material (if you are not a former dancer/gymnast think of it as high quality spandex) and the mesh down the back of the legs makes them airy while still keeping everything in tight. I gave these a try during my last leg day and they are definitely squat proof. In terms of the cut they are a bit long for me but the cut of the high waist is at the perfect spot just above my belly button. The highlight of the Simply Mesh for me is the mesh pocket on each thigh – I love having a place to put my phone while I’m at the gym.


Gymshark – Dry Sculpture in Black

Size: SPrice: $44I loved the look of these on the model but I think ordering the small instead of an xs tainted these for me.The material is a little too thick for me on a regular gym day but are perfect for a chilly morning run or hike through the presidio. They also have iphone sized pockets on the thighs making them great for the outdoors. Due to the thickness of the fabric they are 100% squat proof; I don’t even see the shine of elastane at the bottom of a squat. Since I ordered myself the incorrect size I have quite a bit of extra fabric in the crotch of the pants but other than that my mistake is barely noticeable so A+ to the design team. I tend to save these for days when I need a little extra room for my food baby.

ASOS 4505 Seamless Leggings in Yellow

Size: Petite SPrice: $40 (currently on sale for $24)Instagram made me do this. I saw these legging on @GraceFITUK & @meganngrubb and I was completely convinced that this set would light up my gym clothes collection. Contrary to the leggings mentioned previously I am a huge fan of bright colors in the gym to brighten up the whole event of working out. I think it may be obvious by now that I really wanted to love these but they’re already sitting pretty in my donate pile. My issues with these were that they were 100% see through to the point where I felt even going commando wasn’t an option. They also were not the right fit for my body. I could not get the waistband to stay up while doing any sort of cardio. One major pro is that even though they were damn near see through they did not show any sweat – whatever material they’re invented over there seems magical I just wish they made it a little thicker.  Those are the highs and lows of my most recent legging purchases. I hope my thoughts provided you with some insight into the online shopping for fitness clothes world. Let me know in the comments if you have any leggings you think I need to try!