Holiday Gift Guide!

Holiday gift guide with sustainability in mind!

I can already hear the jingling of bells and the deep belly laughs of jolly St Nick. While that happy fella brings me joy I can’t help but feel a tiny twinge of panic when I think about all the holiday shopping ahead. Holiday shopping alone triggers anxiety for many but our current consumerism habits are also killing the planet. Because of this, I’ve set myself the North Pole high bar of shopping with sustainability in mind. How am I going to do this? Well, I’ve got a plan. 

A trip is the perfect present for someone who’s love language is quality time!

Give the gift of an experience! 

This year I have lucked out and my immediate family has decided to take a holiday trip to Disneyland & Universal Studios (in a hybrid Camry for brownie points). On a smaller scale, I love the idea of giving the gift of a trip to a museum, zoo, aquarium, or theater show. I think this is a great idea for children and adults. I can honestly say I do not remember most of my Christmas gifts as a child but I do remember seeing the Nutcracker in SF as a little girl. 

Shop Sustainable and Socially Conscious Brands 

I’ve done a couple posts about sustainably conscious brands (LINK) but a few of them are: Everlane, Wholesome Culture, Reformation, TALA, and Patagonia. These items are higher quality, last longer, and each of the brands has a focus on reducing the damage caused by the fast fashion industry. 

A prayer plant is a perfect present for the experienced (or inexperienced) plant parent

House Plants for the Holidays

As we all know, I’ve lost myself to the world of plant moms and I am loving it. Plants make an excellent gift, are fun to pick out, and can be a gift that keeps on giving for years to come. Companies like Bloomscape make it easy to have plants delivered nationwide. Bonus points if you swap out buying flowers for centerpieces and replace them with live plants – its a sustainable gift that keeps on giving. 

Used Books are the best Holiday Gift!

I love books. My Christmas list is filled with requests for books (some older and some new) and I love having a book to carry around over a Kindle. If someone on your shopping list requests a book that has been out for a while, visit your local used book store and see if they have a copy you can buy. This act supports a local business and provides a book a new home! 

I hope this helps! Even though the idea of shopping for friends and family while trying to not kill the planet is even more daunting than the idea of delivering presents to every kid worldwide (honestly, Santa, how do you do it) I’m making it my mission this year. Let me know if you give it a try – even a little effort helps!