Great Resignation: Maybe You’re Not Stagnant, You’re Scared

great resignation

The impact of the Great Resignation is palpable. From TikTok to LinkedIn everyone is talking about what it means, how to be a part of it, what to do to maximize the benefits of it – and I am one of those voices. I love talking about leaving bad jobs after finding better ones but I’ve started to realize that my friends who prefer predictability are feeling extremely freaked out. 

So this is a little note to my friends who fear that they are stagnant, those who worry that they should have job hopped because everyone else is, and anyone comparing their pace and plan to someone else’s. 

A little ramble for you about the Great Resignation and stagnation

You’re ok to go at your own pace. It is ok to change careers. You’re ok to stay where you are right now. It’s ok to make a plan to get out in 6 days, weeks, months or years. 

It’s your career journey – there is no right or wrong way to do it. 

Disclaimer: I am a life and career coach. I am not responsible for your actions, behaviors or for you quitting your job prematurely. 

As a life and career coach I help people figure out what they want to do, find the right place to do it and work with them on advocating for what they need. The short version is that I help people grow. It’s a pretty magical job if you ask me. The harder part of the job is helping someone grow when they feel unsafe, financially unstable or excessively stressed. Growth gets significantly more difficult, but not impossible, when we put an excessive amount of pressure on ourselves by making our lives harder. Sometimes the best move for us is to shake things up, but there is magic in staying (not overstaying) somewhere to maintain the stability you need for the next step. 


THIS IS NOT AN EXCUSE TO STAY AT A BAD JOB. THIS IS NOT AN EXCUSE TO NOT APPLY FOR JOBS OUT OF FEAR OF REJECTION. Instead it’s just a reminder that some jobs are just stepping stones, placeholders or ways to make more money to go for the things you truly want with confidence and security. If you want to utilize the Great Resignation to find a higher paying job please do it! But don’t risk your own mental or physical safety for career growth.


Growth takes confidence. Confidence requires a little bit of stability or security on the back end. An anchor point that allows you to be rooted in who you really are. Sometimes that involves staying at the job that bores you for a few extra months so you can build your dreams on the side. Building towards your goals doesn’t have to involve burnout, overwork or hustle but to maintain ease sometimes we have to stay stable and grow slow…which I know sounds kind of boring. 

You don’t have to have a perfect plan, you’re allowed to take risks and jump in on the things you want but please don’t forget your parachute – it will help to alleviatejust add to the anxiety of jumping. 

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