What’s in my Disaster Preparedness Bag

But really tho, we should all be prepared for a natural disaster.

I’m not the bunker type but I’ve been known to dabble in end of the world fiction and it always makes me think; what would I keep on me in the event of the apocalypse? Luckily, the apocalypse is still highly unlikely (at least the Walking Dead version of it) but it’s not a bad idea to be prepared for an emergency.

Why get prepared for a disaster?

After the fire in SB I decided it was probably time to follow through on this plan. And after feeling the 7.1 earthquake from Ridgecrest in the Central Valley I thought that now is an excellent time to rekindle that paranoia and pack a bag. While packing, I realized it would be insanely difficult for me to survive with all my food allergies if I wasn’t prepared for an emergency. Wanna know what I packed in my disaster preparedness bag? Check my list below: 

The bag!! 

What’s in my Emergency Preparedness Kit 

  • Water 
  • Allergen friendly snacks (my plan to avoid wasting food is to pull everything out at expiration date and replace)
    • Dried fruit 
    • Made Good brand snacks 
    • Anything off this post 
    • Beans 
    • Soup 
  • Dog treats and kibble
  • Dog lasso/emergency leash 
  • Emergency kit 
    • Allergy, pain and prescription meds 
  • Wet wipes 
  • Puppy pads 
  • Water filter straw 
  • N95 masks 
  • Flashlights
  • Emergency radio 
  • Shoes and clothes 
  • Important documents 
  • Gas/ water shut off tool 
  • Pocket knife
  • Multi tool 
  • Honorable mention to my child’s sized head lamp that I keep on my night stand in case of power outages. It’s an excellent shade of blue and goes great with my emergency preparedness outfits. 
Emergency kit, flashlights, dog treats and a back up leash are in easy to reach pockets.

FEMA, the Red Cross and USGS have excellent resources on what to pack in an emergency preparedness kit. I highly recommend checking them out and having something on hand in case of an emergency. Even something is minor as a power outage could be devastating if you aren’t prepared. 

Do you have a bag and if so, what’s in it?