March Madness

It’s almost spring and the world is getting stranger and stranger with each passing day.


While we are capable of normalizing anything, including the insanity that is commander in cheetoh, it is important for us to maintain our sanity and remind ourselves that this is not normal.


This not normal. The world we live in is angering, frightening and stressful. The fear for the future and the knowledge that evil is not only out there but in a position of power, can be debilitating. It stops us in our tracks. To combat this and continue on my journey to self-love and creativity, my goal for March is to get mad and stay active.


Em, you may say, how does anger lead to love and creativity?


I believe that love and anger go hand and hand. I am the most angry at and for people that I love. I get angry defending friends, family and creatures that I love. I get the most mad at the people that I love when they disappoint me. Anger shows us who we really love. When I hear that Cheetoh is going after the LGBT+ community and women, I am angry for my friends, sisters, gender non-conforming friends and even myself because all of these (including myself) are people I love.


Getting mad inspires action and being active is the best way to combat this hellish environment. This month I am going to follow Jen Hoffman’s weekly action guide (click here for more information) and do one item a day. I am going to attend as many rallies and protests that I can. I am going to speak for those who cannot or are afraid of being punished if they do. As I mentioned in my Self- Love and Gratitude recap last month, protests are an act of self-love.


Anger and fear are also inspiration for art and strength. I tend to run faster when I’m angry. I tend to think more creatively when I’m frightened. When I am mad, most often it is because I cannot find a solution to the problem in front of me.  I am going to use skills from my meditation toolbelt to bring the emotions I have towards the political climate into myself to create change. I am going to use the anger I feel towards my body as fuel for my workouts instead of fuel for self-destruction. I am going to try one new creative activity a week whether it be hip-hop dance videos, painting, a new type of workout like barre or a new style of writing.


The start of spring, like the beginning of all new seasons,is a time for change and I am going to use my anger to fuel my transformation. Spring may not begin until March 20th, but my transformation begins this Wednesday. Spring is tied in with growth. After the darkness and death of winter spring brings the plants (and some allergens) back to life. Spring is not perfectly sunny like summer but is a time for rain, mud and change. 


I am going to use my march madness and take action. Tell what ways you are taking action under this new administration!


As always, I will update at the end of the month!