But Really Though Reads: What Happened

I love Hillary Rodham Clinton. If you have a different opinion of her, especially a derisively negative one, I respect that but I need you to walk away from this post now.


Because I love and respect the woman that we would all be calling Madam President if our country hadn’t fucked that up (looking at you white women) I preordered her book months before it came out. My book arrived on Friday September 22nd, and I finished it by Sunday evening.


“What Happened” is more than just Hillary’s side of the story. It’s a beautifully crafted love letter to those who supported Hillary and a declaration of hope for a better tomorrow for all Americans. If Hillary can still get out of bed and do something positive with her life after being defeated by a system that was created to protect us, then the least the rest of us can do is RESIST.


Hillary’s book is a call to action for her supporters and all progressives. She reminds us that change takes time, effort and whole lot of hope for a better tomorrow. “What Happened” was a reminder to continue calling my representatives. I try to write a letter to my representatives 5 days a week. This may seem time consuming or excessive but I use ResistBot to fax my reps during my morning commute. Text 504-09 to join the resistance. I’ve even received letters back from my local representative.


In her book, Hillary also addresses the importance of not taking shit from men. She reminds us of the horrible comments and accusations she faced from her opposition. She also mentions the Bernie issue. Hillary is an intelligent woman who wanted to offer people the best possible plan that she could execute. Bernie wanted to light a fire. His fire resulted in burning the youth vote for her. Unfortunately, many of my fellow millennials did not share the same reverence for our former First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State. My personal opinion is that they lacked the knowledge of politics before the Obama era and didn’t understand the what the catastrophic results of a divided democratic party would be.


She has paved the way for another woman to reach the highest glass ceiling in the USA – and hopefully that next woman, assuming she is qualified, will shatter it.