Revisiting the Self Love Club

self love club quote

Welcome to the self love club! Our mission – learning to love ourselves ALL the time, even when we do that thing we said we wouldn’t do, or make a major mistake, or when we stretch ourselves too thin. This week I am challenging this little self love club to take 15 minutes everyday to work on themselves LOVINGLY. No idea how to do that? Don’t worry I have a plan! 

Embodying Self Love

Practicing self love is hard work. It involves self care (not the expensive kind – the effective kind is preferred), self reflection, listening to ourselves, and time. Self loathing, shame, resentment and fear can be powerful drivers. Those not so nice emotions can convince us that self love is a waste of time. Learning to love ourselves through the messy bits takes time. We have to face our fear monsters, learn how to balance opposing emotions, and look at the feelings we don’t necessarily love to feel. Self loathing & co are a little easier to tap into. They might even tell us that self love is not “productive” but they are dead wrong. 

Making Change Last with the Self Love Club

Want to make lasting change? Desire to build the career of your dreams? Want to chase your goal of retiring by 35 or learning to tap dance like Fred Astaire? Regardless of the goal self love will help you get there faster. 

self love club quote

Ready for the clubs required reading? This week we are revisiting some of my favorite messages on self love. Let’s spend 15 minutes each day learning how to love ourselves better. The schedule I’ve created for us this week is taking us through some of my favorite content on self love. We are revisiting old posts because most of us need to hear a message at least three times before it sticks in our brain – for harder messages it can be upwards of six times. I think self love is the hardest message to embody so let’s dive in!

The Schedule

Monday: Revisit Last Weeks Blog A Lesson in Self Love

My Current Self Love Zone

Tuesday: Let’s go back in time to early quarantine! In Quarantine Lessons: I Threw Away my Schedule I shared my personal experience with mornings, why I needed to accept where I was right then & how it helped me!

Wednesday: It’s a Harry Potter midweek double feature! While we do not support JKR in this community we do use the things we love to help us practice self love in the form of self care!

Expecto Self Care

Thursday: Wrapping up the Harry Potter lessons

Friday: A fun filled Friday as we revisit my life long archenemy – perfectionism! Recognizing my perfectionism for what it is was a game changer for my self love journey!

Perfectionism is my kryptonite

Saturday:  I saved my personal favorite for last! Want to grow and change? Practice that self love by telling yourself it’s ok to suck! Because, really, it’s ok to suck. I promise.

It’s ok to suck!

Ready to go?

Ready to take on the self love club challenge this week? I believe in you! You don’t have to be perfect – just give it a try. Remember, self love is a long game (life long game for a majority of us) so any tiny baby step you take now will benefit you later. Want some personalized help with this? Already self loving but need to make a plan? Want to change your life, career, find a new direction or just chat about your next move? A few 1:1 spots are available! Head over to my Calendly to sign up for a free discovery call. 

So proud of you for prioritizing self love in your life!