Small Businesses & COVID Conscious Shopping

small businesses i'm loving

Taking a toxic positivity break to focus on something that makes me genuinely happy – small businesses! 

Small businesses are important to me because I love using my money to support other people’s dreams and they always over deliver, plus I am one! I have never received anything from a small business that felt sub par or false advertising.  

I wanted to take a little time to shout out some of the businesses that I have been loving, especially during the outsized impact our current COVID crisis is having on them.  So today, I’m going to share a roundup of a few items I’ve bought from independent sellers and Etsy over on my Youtube channel. 

A list of all the stores I bought from are below: 

Magical Aromas:

Similar style of headband (couldn’t find the original):



So get shopping! Enjoy! And support small businesses if you have the time and money!