Scarcity Makes Us Think We Need a Year’s Supply of Toilet Paper

As I watched society go wacky this week I realized – we, as a whole, have a scarcity problem. People are panic buying enough beans to fill a bunker, enough hand sanitizer to fill a swimming pool or all the poo paper they can find; and why are they doing this? Because society’s scarcity problem has us convinced there will never be enough for everyone.

This “never enough” mentality makes us put our blinders on. As our panic over not having enough sinks in – it becomes all we can think about. The tunnel vision causes us to create short term solutions for long term problems.

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For example: If you buy enough hand sanitizer to fill your living room wall to wall you may no longer worry about having enough hand sanitizer. Unless you plan on filling your pool with it Scrooge McDuck style having that much is not going to do you a lot of good. On the contrary, it will probably do harm to your long term budget, your space in your home and will affect anyone in your community who may have needed to buy hand sanitizer for themselves. 

This fear of scarcity triggers selfish impulses and there’s psychological data to back this. In this NPR article two Ivy League professors studied the impact the concept of scarcity has on our minds. When we believe we are abundant or have enough of something we are able to exercise better impulse control. When we believe that our resources are scarce we obsess over the thing we want until we literally cannot think about anything else. 

So how do we get out of this scarcity, or lack, mindset? We practice gratitude. When we embody an attitude of gratitude we recognize what we have and say thanks for it. Gratitude forces us to put energy into what we have instead of what we don’t. My favorite way to do this is to write down the three things I am grateful for once a day. You can say it outloud, write it down, make a mental list – whatever works for you. I know some people practice counting their blessings (same concept) and bonus points if you sing the counting your blessings song from White Christmas

I recognize that for people without steady income – the fear of scarcity is valid. It’s’ a lot easier to face your fear of scarcity if your basic needs are met. So if you are privileged enough to be able to afford to hoard food or basic household items – please don’t. Gather enough food and items for two weeks to 30 days at most. Remember to only buy what you would actually go through and not panic purchase things you or your family will not use or eat. Do not turn your home into an extreme couponers basement – especially if this isn’t how you normally shop. Think of the single moms who cannot afford to bulk buy their groceries right now – the elderly on fixed incomes who can only afford to buy what they need.Instead of hoarding – try practicing gratitude. Remind yourself to be thankful to all that you have.

As the cast of HSM once said “we’re all in this together”. Sendings lots of love your way.   

Small Businesses Etsy Haul

Recently, I’ve been in the mood to shop but I haven’t been able to find everything I wanted in local stores so I went on an Etsy shopping spree. Check out Etsy Haul below: 

Art from Zeppelin Moon

If you follow me on insta you know I am obsessed with Zeppelin Moon’s cartoons. She is able to marry comedy and the complicated emotions of life with animals. I’ve now purchased quite a few of her pieces and not only are they perfect but they are so well priced. I’m partial to the sloth prints myself but I do have a soft spot for the manatee as well.

Bear on the right truly resonates with me.
Sloth is bae

Headbands from TwistsandTopKnots 

I am also getting super into headbands via TwistsandTopKnots. Cheetah, Baby Pink and Emerald Green. I love the look of them but they do run a little big (or I have a small head). I’ve been able to adjust them by pulling on the knot on the top to make them work which is amazing because I love the look of them (and so does Herman). 

Herman loves a mother & son matching look.

Jewelry from shopEphemera 

I’ve gone down a gold jewelry deep dive and I have no regrets. I’ve got quite a few longer necklaces and wanted a couple chokers to balance them out. So far I’ve been loving these three and they have yet to turn my neck green so I consider that a win.

My new gold chokers.

Crystals from Auramore 

Now that I have gone all in on all things occult and witchy I decided I needed to up my crystals collection. Thanks to this Etsy haul I now own a chakra set, amethyst, clear quartz and a rose quartz. I’m loving the chakra set for meditation on the go and the others for my home practice.

My chakra set
My beautiful amethyst & quartz friends.

I love shopping locally and supporting small businesses, but they don’t always have everything I need which makes Etsy the perfect place to fill in those gaps. Know of any other websites that allow small business owners to sell their items OR of any Etsy shops I should know about? Let me know in the comments! 

Gift Guide for the Fitness Inclined

Oh the weather outside is frightful and your Christmas shopping list is not delightful so to make your shopping less stressful, read below read below read below!

Happy Holidays! I know the most wonderful time of the year is usually synonymous with the most stressful time of the year so to ease some of your shopping discomfort I’ve come up with a list of gifts that are budget friendly, easy to buy & will still have time to be delivered gift guide for any fitness lover in your life. I love giving people items that are cute & useful in their day to day life especially if they are setting intentions of practicing healthy habits in the new year. 

**All links in this blog post are affiliate links


Resistance Bands!

Resistance bands & hip circles are the new cool kids at the gym. The instagram fitness community swears by these, especially if you need a way to up your leg day without upping the weight you are lifting. I’m a huge fan of these and for under $25 they are a thoughtful gift for your gym friend who’s trying to build a booty!


Queenie Ke makes amazing gym & budget friendly leggings. I have a black pair of these that I hold to the same caliber as my Gymshark leggings.

Gym Bag!

Any gym goer knows how much of a pain it can be to carry your water bottle, keys, IDs, warm-up clothes & whatever else you deem necessary for your workout. A nice gym bag is an amazing gift that can be both cute and functional. You can get creative and buy one in a fun color or stick to the classics like I did.

Water Bottle!

Single use plastic is out and cute reusable bottles are in. A reusable water bottle is a great gift because regardless of how many someone owns you can always use an extra. I chose this one because it was cute, well priced and BPA free.

Yoga Mat

Yoga mats are the BEST gifts. You can never have too many! Depending on what flooring I’m on I’ll use two at a time to cushion my achy old gymnast body. Bonus: they’re super cute!

Hope this helps anyone with a last minute shopping list that is a mile long! Let me know in the comments what your favorite fitness item is! Happy shopping!

But Really Though Goes Nuts – Allergen Safe Grocery Store Brands

I hate being hungry, but having a peanut allergy can making snacking on the go difficult. Add in a dairy sensitivity and a minor soy allergy to that and it makes it almost impossible. Luckily, there is helpful information out there to help me avoid dying while snacking. Allergen warnings are listed on everything from cookies to pre-packaged salads. Even with these listed warnings, brands like Whole Foods won’t serve anyone with peanut allergies at their deli. It’s a hungry nightmare out there if you are not prepared. I usually carry an Emily safe snack on me at all times but occasionally I end up somewhere new with nothing to eat. In those rare instances I need to find the nearest grocery store, I look for a snack from one of the following brands.

Brands that state they are complete peanut free:

Enjoy life

Enjoy Life is my chocolate chewy bar lifeline. Everytime I crave a soft chocolate snack I pick up a package of these. They have everything from chocolate chips for baking to cake mixes to seed power bars. According to their website all of their foods are free from the top 8 major allergens. I can attest that none of the allergens are missed after taking a bite out of their snacks.


Craving pizza but terrified that the pizza parlor may use hidden peanuts (an actual thing, trust me)? Thats where this pizza comes in. Daiya makes delicious pizza’s that are vegan, gluten free and top 8 allergen safe. I’m a huge fan of the roasted veggie! Daiya also makes allergen friendly cheese, burritos, dressing and mac n cheese. The alfredo mac n cheese with peas is a staple in our pantry. Its creamy, filling and doesn’t leave me with the bloated tummy I get from real cheese.

Follow Your Heart 

THIS IS THE BEST TASTING VEGAN CHEESE BRAND IN MY LIFE. According to their website Follow Your Heart does not use peanut, tree nut, dairy, fish, eggs or Gluten. Vegan cheese usually does not melt well…or at all..but somehow Follow Your Heart not only managed to make a cheese that melts but it actually tastes like cheese. I am a huge fan of the pepperjack or gouda but the soy free veganaise also gets an honorable mention in my kitchen.


According to their website Amy’s does not use any peanuts, shellfish or eggs. If you have a tree nut allergy they claim they use good manufacturing practices to prevent cross contamination (I am always leery of those statements but I am not a doctor so don’t listen to me). Amy’s is perfect for a microwave dinner, quick burrito fix or a frozen pizza if you don’t have a dairy sensitivity. I’m a big fan of the broccoli pot pie on a cold day. 

And one honorable mention for safe manufacturing practices:

Ben n Jerry’s 

Occasionally I just want a classic pint of Half-Baked Fro-Yo to unwind after a long day. Luckily for me Ben n Jerry’s claims that they have a thorough allergen awareness process and sterilize all equipment after contact with any major allergens. So far I have not had a peanut reactions toeating pre-packaged pints from Ben n Jerry’s but I ALWAYS CHECK THE LABEL just in case there was a formula change on my favorite pint. I also never order from any of their scoop shops since they cannot guarantee that cross contamination does not occur.

Mrs. Featherbottom was right!

There are quite a few allergen friendly online brands (my personal favorite chocolate resource is No Whey!) but the above should help anyone in the face of hunger bordering on hanger. As always, I am not a doctor, but I advise you to PLEASE READ THE LABEL before eating ANYTHING if you have any food allergies. Brands change their recipes over time and the last thing anyone wants to do is use an epipen.

Please let me know your favorite allergen friendly brands in the comments!

My Favorite Things from July to Beat Summertime Sadness

Summer, as a concept, is weird when you no longer get to spend it sitting at home marathoning ANTM between hanging out with friends and working a minimum wage job. I may never get over the shock that corporations don’t take summer breaks but these are things that helped me make it through July.


British Bake-Off (Great British Baking Competition)


THIS IS THE MOST WHOLESOME THING ON TV. I’ve always heard that the show was addicting, but I did not know that is was so NICE. I know it’s a competition but I don’t think the contestants care. After watching the three seasons available on Netflix my faith in humanity has been restored.


I love Alison Brie. GLOW puts her over the top acting chops to the test and she delivers. She humanized the “other woman” while still remaining true to her characters narcissistic tendencies. She’s developed a character that I can’t quite hate, almost like a Marnie (from GIRLS) lite.


American Gods

Hands down, this is the best book I’ve read in a long time. While the extended version rivals Anna Karenina in length it is well worth the extra pages. The highlight of this novel is the character development of the gods. Each deity represents a small portion of the religion or belief they stem from. Beautiful novel with a spellbinding story.


Simple face wipes

Tried and true best friend for the summer sweaty face. I keep these in my purse to cool my face off after the gym. I also use them to take my makeup off at night when I’m too lazy to wash my face and I use them in the morning to wipe off my night cream. I know, the beauty gurus say face wipes are the anti-christ but my skin has never looked better.

Lush Dark Angels

On the days when I actually bother to take off my makeup I use Lush’s Dark Angels to clean out my ginormous pores. A little goes a long way with this and nine times out of ten I leave my sink looking dirtier than when I started but it’s magic for your face. I’ve used this product off and on for the last 6 months or so and every time I consistently use it my face improves exponentially.


Topshop Jamie Jeans

I am a self-proclaimed pants hater. My resentment specifically manifests on denim. Jeans are tight, uncomfortable and usually boring. To keep up with the current fashion trend of normcore, boring, plain clothing I decided I needed to buy some jeans so I went full basic and bought the ones that youtubers won’t shut up about. Topshops jeans are ridiculously comfy. They’re stretchy, they’re flattering and they come in a variety of colors and styles. I love the Jamie jeans and now wear them religiously. On a cool day the comfort level can almost pass for leggings which is a win in my book.


Public Yoga Classes

I am an avid YWA fangirl. Youtube workouts are my shit and Adriene makes yoga make sense. Recently B and I decided it was time to take our home yogas out to a yoga studio. I found a Groupon for a local studio so naturally we went with the cheapest one. The class we took was a Hatha Flow Level 1 and we loved it. After the practice the yoga instructor complimented our practice and I’ve never seen B happier. I highly recommend supplementing your home practice with the occasional public class.

SPRING Your Closet into Spring: My New Favorite Shopping App

As I mentioned in, Don’t be a hoarder, DONATE, fast fashion is horrendous for people and the planet. Everyone should watch The True Cost for more terrifying but important information about the horrors of the fast fashion industry. The film is eye opening but scarring… it’s the Forks Over Knives of fast fashion.

But sometimes we all need a little retail therapy…

Closeup of woman holding shopping bags with copy space
Closeup of woman holding shopping bags with copy space

For me my consumer guilt is slashed in half  if I get a good deal on a high quality product. My conscience and wallet have decided it is better to spend more on one nice thing – but it is even better to spend very little while still getting a high quality product. That’s where Spring comes in.

Spring is an app I happened upon from a podcast add (Allison Rossen is Your New Bestfriend) and I am OBSESSED with it. Spring allows customers to select their favorite items from a bunch of different companies (including high end brands), buy the items directly through the app AND they pay for shipping!


Spring also lets its customers favorite items on the app and sends notifications when the prices drop. Spring keeps track of all of the huge sales without forcing me to read every spam email from all of my favorite brands.

Does this sound too good to be true?

Because I agree. I could not believe that an app would do this for me. The cynic in me can’t figure out what’s in it for them? But, I couldn’t pass the deals up…

So I took the risk for you and went on a mini shopping binge. I bought an array of items ranging from moderately fast fashion to high end. To date I have bought items from American Apparel (RIP but your former CEO was an asshole), Urban Outfitters, PacSun (I know it’s for children but they had super cute mom jean shorts), Free People, Sweaty Betty and Coach. I even bought some fun sweatpants for B, because why the hell not!

And, EVERYTHING FUCKING SHOWED UP. Like magic, I tell you. One week after ordering almost all of my beautiful items were in my greedy little clutches. Then, the inevitable of online shopping happened. Those aforementioned mom jean shorts that were cute AF were too big (I know, I know, I’m bragging because I work out- but dear reader remember I started here). I had to cut my losses, try to resell on Poshmark, or return them…so I looked into their return policy and the process was SO EASY. All I had to do was use the prepaid shipping label that came from PacSun with the shorts and bada bing bada boom two weeks later my refund and I went to Taco Bell.

I’m still not sure what’s in it for Spring, but I definitely know this app is for me!

Do you use any apps for online shopping and if so what are they? I never dreamed something this cool could exist.