Ways to Get Woke!

All of my beautiful feminist friends it is time to educate ourselves.

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For my February intentions I am practicing active listening.I am guilty of not listening and learning throughout these college/post grad years, I was a bit egocentric coming off the college high. I knew I was a feminist and I was fighting for my rights but I really needed a post grad education on intersectional feminism. The time has come for me to stop thinking about how things affect me and start listening to the stories of other powerful women.
Take this challenge with me by checking out some of the books, podcasts. organizations and others below.


Quiet – This version of the song performed at the Women’s March brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it.

Don’t Dream It’s Over –  Miley and Ariana compliment each other so well in this cover. I love the song, the people, and the message.


Call Your Girlfriend – This podcast is unapologetically feminist. I’m obsessed and you MUST check it out. CYG allows the listener to eavesdrop on a high level conversation between two intelligent and talented besties.

2 Dope Queens –  Not only are Phoebe and Jessica fucking HILARIOUS and real but they also feature amazing up and coming comedic talent on their podcast. A must listen for any feminist comedy lover.



Feminist Fight Club –  Please buy the book and join the FCC with me. Read more about it here!

Men Explain Things to Me – This collection of essays has become the cornerstone of my feminist movement. The essay #YesAllWomen resonates with me because it is about a tragedy so near and dear to my heart that took place in Isla Vista while I lived there. A tragedy that sparked a movement. This collection of essays is a cliff notes guide to the many issues women face in our country.



Planned Parenthood 

Women’s March 

Please leave me recommendations in the comments! I would love to have more knowledge under my belt as we move forward in this fight against bigotry and hate.
Spread love and fight back my fierce friends.